Why the negative ratings for Balls of Fury?

It was a pretty funny typical cheap movie.

I mean, of course theyre cheesy and cliche parts, but i dont think it dserved practically 2 stars out of 10.

the movie was really boring most of the time.. i got maybe a good 5 laughs out of it and most of the time it involved the panda…wasn’t that good of a movie. wasn’t well directed and just wasn’t a good story.
i saw it and it for sure sucked. i wish i never saw it. seriously… dont watch it.

it should’ve been so much better than what was on screen. they completely wasted christopher walken was a chinese guy.
it’s one of those movies where you’re left waiting for something to laugh at…the gags are so forced
because it was fucking awful. it felt like 2 guys sat down and wrote the screenplay in 1 evening and somehow got some money from a studio to make the piece of shit. if this thread inspires anyone to watch the movie i apologize for the massive amount of suck you will watch on your tv screen. there is NO reason for anyone to ever watch this total piece of shit movie.
anything 1/2 way funny was seen in the commercials and none of that was all that funny
The only entertaining part was the hot asian chick. The movie itself wasn’t funny. I didn’t really catch any good laughs.

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