Which movie has the best trailer?

How many cool movie trailers have you seen?
Have you ever thought about how they ranked against each other?
And have you ever thought about how many people agree with you?
This is the idea that drives TubeBattle!

TubeBattle is an interesting new twist to the over-done video-aggregator community-voting scene. We crawl top video sites for the latest movie trailers, and let you view and vote for the best video in a 1-to-1 fight.

Check it out at TubeBattle ()

or any of the faux trailers IN Grindhouse (Hobo with a Shotgun– go ahead, ‘tube it)
Pathfinder had the best trailer ever. A good trailer will hide how bad a movie is and make people want to see it, and Pathfinders did an amazing job. That movie was weapons-grade horrible, but the trailer was enticing.

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