What are some good asian movies

i fell asleep 15 min into it.

or island people who think they know everything.

kinda cheezy.

the returner.

torrent link?

I do.

Well you are in the extreme minority then.

one day you’ll leave that little island of yours and see the rest of the world.

sorry dude, cant remember it was long time ago.
I personally like Hero and the Once Upon A Time In China series

crouching tiger, hidden dragon
the last samurai

Seven Samurai


Oh yeah God, Iron Monkey rocked!

Jago, great minds think alike huh?

i was afraid to watch that at first.

edit: and that little gay kid reminded me of soccerbud.


that was a funny movie
high every body asian film freak KANZAI here
som goodies i have recently down loaded,,,
Chang Yimou "HERO" starriing jet li ,tony leung ,donnie yen, maggie cheung
actually chinese but definitely Hong Kong action hypnotic hallucinatory..
make sure u get the subtitles

takeshi kitanos first film "VIOLENT COP" hard to describe its kitano

takashi miikes "FULL METAL YAKUZA" miike is a very shockking gore/suspension/comedy director and i think this is his latest i got in 8hrs will watch it tomorrow miike raises mixed opinions never lets u cold..

i liked God of Cookery better

Iron Monkey is cool. Dig Jean Wang…she’s hot, man.

Oh, I denae…

Fulltime Killer was good.

Takashi Miike has another keee-razy flick called Ichii the Killer. See that.

The Eye. You should definitely see The Eye.
I dunno if anyone said it before but the infernal affairs series

particularly the first one
Too lazy to read the post, so to complaints about repeats:

newer stuff:

"House of Flying Daggers"
"Infernal Affairs"
"My Wife is a Gangster"
"Shaolin Soccer"
"Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring"

oldies but goodies:

"A Better Tomorrow" series
"God of Gamblers" series, especially #1
"The Killer"
"Young and Dangerous" series, all 11ty billion of them

Can’t think right now with people walking in and out of my office. Will edit later.


"Kikujiro" (spelling?)
"Battle Royale" I & II
Anything else with Beat Takeshi in it

"The Ring"
"The Eye"
"Bangkok Nights" (not sure on this title, but it’s by the Pang brothers)
"God of Cooking"
"Once Upon a Time in China" series
"Fist of Legend"
"Drunken Master II" The first one blew, so don’t bother with it

That movie really owns!

Also Symphaty for Mr. Vengeance is great. Here are some asian movies i’ve seen like Azumi, Story of Ricky, Ju-On 1 and 2, The Twilight Samurai, Red Shadow, The Twins Effect, Tube, A Snake of June, Blue Spring, Public Enemy, The Color of Thuth and Beyond Hypothermia.
Kung Fu Hustle starring Stephen Chow definately worth a watch
3 Iron.

Most of the movie is silent, but it’s pretty damn great.
I’d have to say "Seven Samurai" and "Ran."
Bullet in the Head
Running out of Time
… and any of the Celestial Pictures remasters you can find
I’ve seen many "Asian" films.

These are my favorites (no order):
Tae Guk Gi – The Brotherhood of War
The Eye
Battle Royale
Ichi the Killer
Shoalin Soccer
Tetsuo: The Ironman
The Untold Story
Shintaro Katsu’s Zatoichi (& series)
Takeshi Kitano’s Zatoichi
The Happiness of the Katakuris
Memories of Murder
Parasite Eve
Bio Zombie
The Seven Samurai
New Police Story
Bright Future
Last Life in the Universe
Save the Green Planet!
Tell me Something
Mr. Vampire
Visitor Q

~ Kryzula

Il Mare
Time and Tide
My Wife is a Gangster
Attack the Gas Station

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