We Need to Talk About Kevin

This is how you sell a movie. Take notes…

book was awesome. looking forward to seeing this

I can’t wait to see the little Asian-looking kid from City Island who loves fatties murder a bunch of people.

Speaking of which…I still need to watch City Island. That’s that one with Andy Garcia, right?

Yeah it was pretty good, I enjoyed it. It was a fairly innocent and light-hearted comedy that was definitely worth watching.

i barely made it through half of it before it found a 35 pass wipe straight off my screen.

Yeah to be honest it was a pretty boring movie, after about an hour I started to fast-forward to the part where he kills everyone.

Not my type of film but I’ve heard some good reviews about it.

i enjoyed it but there was a lot missing from the book that help explain certain things. was pissed that they excluded one of the most important scenes from the book

ts continues to have shit taste in movies. more news on this story as it develops.

The book was good. Im going to have to check this out.

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