Watchmen trailer

This could be shitty, or good..I don’t know
I’ve heard that this trailer is attached to The Dark Knight; As is the Terminator 4 trailer.
Saw it right before the Black Knight….so fucking sweet. Great song choice alone for the trailer.
It was pretty interesting, but I dont know the origins, so I wont judge
yeah looks like it could be cool, but i don’t know shit about the watchmen.
Hahahaha, this is so incredibly awesome. I didn’t even know this was in the works till yesterday. I only read about it after I’d stumbled across the trailer.

Listen to this poster, you won’t regret it… unless you want to read another graphic novel just as good afterwards – that’s going to be a tough one

It’s not only one of the – if not the – highest acclaimed graphic novels ever made, it’s the only one that ever won the Hugo prize for best work of science-fiction and the only one that made it into Times Top 100 Books list. It’s a piece of work that transcends its genre. As to the trailer, it looks like Snyder is amazingly true to the source material. I recognized almost every scene immediately, but the trailer is definitely aimed at the fans. It doesn’t really tell anything about the story or what makes it so different from other Superhero flicks.

Smashing Pumpkins
trailer looks amazing to me. When it ended and as time went by all I could think about was wanting to see it again.
Entertainment Weekly has a bunch of info on the movie on their website, looks very promising. I like that they used a cast of unknowns, and I like that 300’s director is in control.

I was thinking the same thing. My bf is going to read the graphic novel now
yeah, everything i’ve seen on this shows that they really are true to the graphic novel, not worried about that. was at a party last night with a guy who worked on the film and he was singing its praises, i think they got this one right.
i can’t fuckin wait. it’s gonna be so good. it can’t be any worse than V.
i never read the graphic novel, which is probably why i think this movie looks retarded
im on chapter/volume 5 its really good. very dense story lots of characters. Very good writing. Its cool after reading up to this point I have seen a lot of scenes pulled right from the book in the trailer.

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