Tropic Thunder Delivers

When I started seeing star after star appear in the movie, warning bells began to ring, but they pulled it off. Jack Black got a little overshadowed, but Downey Jr. was business as usual. Oh and Tom Cruise steals the show. (I do want to add however, that it felt a little formulaic to have a dude now considered kinda wack to bust out some comedy shit. Example being Justin Timberlake and dick in a box…)
I thought it was a nice balance of action & comedy, and I love movies about making movies.

You have to love it when actors rip on actors.
i liked it

i didnt even know that was tom cruise till the end credits…he was awesome
Eh…it had its moments, but there were quite a few periods where I was just sitting there watching, but not really laughing or feeling anything.

The profanity was a bit on the heavy side.

I enjoyed the fake trailers though.
Enjoyed it, though it didn’t blow me away. I was disappointed to find out all the funny lines really were in the trailers

It’s times like this I am glad I only go to the cheap afternoon shows…saves money, and you still have time to do something fun if the movie wasn’t that great.
I wasn’t as impressed with this movie as I hoped to be. I found Robert Downey Jr to be completely hilarious and there where some funny parts but I was overall disappointed. I liked the selection for the supporting cast too. Maybe I’ll give it another look when it comes out on DVD. Of course all of this is just my opinion.

We don’t negotiate with terrorists…
I still can’t believe Cruise played that role.

Classic stuff.
People saying the only funny lines are in trailers really piss me off. Well they don’t piss me off, it’s just a little ignorant. Or if you didn’t find anything not in the trailers funny, whatever, your loss.

The movie is rated R. A lot of the funny moments contained “Fuck,” “Limp-Dick,” etc., and weren’t in trailers, even the redband.

not to mention Tom Cruise who was in no trailer whatsoever.

And I loved the pyrotechnics dude…hilarious

Anf Tom Cruise’s part made me laugh for maybe 10 seconds, only because I just thought “I can’t believe he agreed to do this role!” And then after a minute his character was forced down your throat and not very funny at all.
So you didn’t laugh at ANY lines that contained ANY words unfit for trailers?

I suppose I could have worded it better, but I’m not saying those words make comedy, quite the contrary, I applaud this movie for being funny and NOT relying on “fuck” like Stepbrothers and many other comedies today do.

But there are funny parts in this movie that do happen to have “fuck” or gore unfit for trailers. Laughing at a joke where someone says fuck is not the same as laughing at the actual word “fuck.” I said a lot of the funny moments CONTAINED “fuck,” i didn’t say a lot of the funny moments WERE “fuck.”

Rarely can you truthfully say all the funny lines are in trailers for good R-rated comedies.

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