Transporter 2

Great action, good characters, but some of the most unbelievable stunts ever seen.

In one scene he does a 360 jump in his Audi to scrape a bonb off his undercarriage.

The best part of the movie for me was the tall blonde female killer, a great mix of Pink & a young Brigette Nielsen.
but at the same time, you’ve really got to ask yourself, am i going to watch an action movie for believable stunts? or am i going so that i can be entertained?

it was interesting to see a movie with this much gunplay feature a main character that never shot a single person.

Some of the plot seemed a little stretched, and a few of the sequences seem to have been produced by eith VAG or Audi Marketing.

fixed for you
The car is the star!
I wish I had that finish on my truck. It even deflected bullets.

This is what I have been saying, lots of people say its unrealistic.. well Duh.. its just something I can go see and zone out and be entertained for a couple hours will nonstop action.

Not once did I check my watch the whole movie.. I could care less about the realtiy that a car couldnt scrape a bomb off it, who cares..

Ladies Husband is worth 100 million plus and she drives a 30k Audi A3.. talk about product placement with the two Audis and the lambos.. Audi paid good money for the commericals.

Anyone notice that A8 was a W12.. not even available in the US

EDIT – W12 is now available
They also drove the A8 on a beach, could easily be converted into an ad for Quattro.
A little slow here, but I just went to see it wed night. It was horrible. The stunts were ridiculous and I couldn’t help but picture Joker (Full Metal Jacket) every time Matthew Modine said anything. The only saving grace was the cute little kid.

Shouldn’t have wasted my time or money to see it at the theater.
The stunts were ridiculous, but I enjoyed it because I didn’t go into the theatre expecting anything serious.
Going to see it this after noon. I love the first one. It is one of those movies you just turn the brain into coast mode.

First one is better, but this one is entertaining
first was the best. to many over done stunts and I hated the fight in the airplane WTF???
Just got Transporter 2 on DVD, agree, too many over the top stunts in it. Great film though and I like the opening sequence, the way its a twist on the original.

Puzzling bit was why the fight scene with the blondey girly was so short. I would have thought with them dragging out some of the other fight sequences, that they’d have made more of a meal of it.
loved the movie but agree that the audi bomb undercarriage seen was WAYYYY too fake

These are the same type people who watch Spiderman 2 and saw the nuclear fusion is not possible
If you want transporter 2 at least some of what goes on in the movie can seem believable. I rather watch Jason Statham kick the shit out of like 25 people using a poll and his suit rather than watch some crappy out of my mind unbelievable special effects in the matrix. Special effects are cool, but they just bore the hell out of you after awhile. Transporter one also a kickass movie especially whens hes all covered in oil beating the shit out of people with the bike feet on.

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