The X-Files: I Want to Believe

Anyone else pumped for this? I fucking love the X-files and can’t wait for this to come out.
Not excited, I think I will wait for it to be on TV. They took to long to make the sequel.
i’m a little excited. i’ve seen a few episodes of the x-files and it was good. did mulder and scully ever become a couple?
I hope it’s good, I’ve always loved x-files, but had my interested in paranormal/aliens stuff like this has kind of faded since then. I’ll go see it, even though I’m afraid it could suck.

I wouldn’t think david d would need to do another movie if it sucked, he’s got californication going for him and all. But this will probably be a renter for me unless it does really good in theaters.
Just got back from seeing it and its really good. Most critics said it wasn’t great but I have to disagree. I’ve been a fan of the show since the mid 90s and after reading how it was just a bad 45min ep stretched out to 2hrs, I had pretty low expectations. But I have to say that it really felt like that good ol’ days of TXF. DD & GA were great as usual together, they always made even the worst eps worth watching. I’d give it an 8.5/10. GO SEE IT IF YOU’RE A FAN!
Probably my favorite TV show of all time. Saw the first movie when it was in theaters. I might go see this one. It’s been a long time.
Saw it for a 2nd time yesterday afternoon for the hell of it. Picked up on alot more details this time then the first viewing.

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