The Strangers

What’d you guys think about this movie. I thought it was a blend of texas chainsaw massacre and house of 100 corpses. i thought it was good that she lived in the end.
I thought it was real good. At first it seemed as if the killers were all in their heads because they’d never see them. The end was just crazy.
i thought the movie was overall good….

but im going to say that the girl didnt actually survive cuz at the begining it said so….


I think I screamed about 10 times, and covered my eyes and ears about 3 times.

But I heard in the real version of the story it wasn’t a guy and a girl love story. It was a single mom and her two kids… dunno how true that is, but if it is then .
O and I gotta say that the girl annoyed me..

the entire movie she says pretty dumb things:

“where are your going”

“what are you doing”

“why are you doing this”

“be careful”


i think she could have had more intelligent lines.

o and i teared up when the dude killed his best friend by accident.. that was tough.
That was easily one of the worst horror movies I’ve ever seen. The fact that Liv Tyler’s character kept walking/crawling back to places of danger didn’t exactly help the issue. My best description for the film; a series of tragically stupid events. In short, I want my money back.
This was the funniest scary movie I’ve ever seen…mainly because of the crowd that was at the theaters.

When the girl was in the house looking in the kitchen and one of the guys is in the house standing inside, one dark skinned individual in the crowd yelled “niggas a jabawakee” and I just lost it. I was rolling for atleast 3 minutes that whole scene.
lol yeah in the movie i went to some black bitch kept screaming “MOVE BITCH MOVE” and ” DONT OPEN THAT DOE! DONT OPEN IT!!
I thought the movie was terrible and the ending had absolutely no twist what so ever. I want my money back too!! Any of us could of made a better movie then that!!
It’s “inspried by true events” which always means pretty much the entire movie is bullshit. The idea is based around something that the director heard about as a kid, the Keddie Resort murders and the Charles Manson murders. So basically everything you see is completely hear-say and/or all made up.

wow one of the worst endings i’ve ever seen. seriously lets give us 5 shots of them takin off their masks. why does this even matter. there was only 3 characters in the whole movie we were introduced too. So even if we saw their faces why the fuck would it matter. that movie sucked, the ending sucked huge dick, and overall it wasn’t scary. the movie relied on loud banging noises at times when u thought everything was calm. I’ll rewatch the descent anyday over this and at 75 don’t waste any of you rmoney for this shit movie with one of the most open ended bullshit endings of all time
lmao this movie sucked so bad… i wasnt scared one bit and it left me thinking wow they deserved to die for how stupid they really were… the director should quit now… absolutely NO STORY and no emotoional connection to the characters… im glad they died, good riddance
because they were home
This was so bad. I feel so robbed paying 8.50 to see this shit. Worst movie ive seen in a very long time.

There is no story. The 2 main characters are a dude and a girl. The villains are:

+1 fucking girl

-1 fucking gun

I thought it was a decent movie, I didn’t really like the ending.

If it’s true, then why didn’t they tell us what happened to the killers? Were they found? Maybe they did mention it and I just didn’t see it
i thought the movie was horrible…most definitely a waste of money and time….i especially hated how the strangers had oh about 8934775 chances to kill the couple and they would suddenly stop what they were doing and walk away. …all i kept thinking was JUST KILL THEM ALREADY so i can get the hell out of here

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