The Orphanage ::bowdown::

Saw this movie last night, seriously so good.. Had a great story and was pretty damn creepy.
Anyone else here get to check it out yet?

I was disappointed & thought it was a pale imitation of "The Others".

I will admit I don’t have children so the mother’s hysterics bored me after a while.

Trivia: The medium is Charlie Chaplin’s daughter.
Scariest movie I’ve seen ever. The entire time I was on the edge of my seat. When she did red light green light with those kids at the end I almost shit my pants.

just watched it today, the sack kid scared the hell out of me
I wanted to see this movie pretty bad. I know the guy that directed it had Guillermo Del Toro for a mentor so i knew it would be at least decently creepy.Once it hits Dvd i’ll have to pick it up.
Eerie connection. The island of Jersey where "The Others" took place is digging up an orphanage where they found children’s corpses.
Just saw it a couple days ago… Decent for a genre which I am not so big a fan of. I am going to be Tomas for Halloween!

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