The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

I’m hoping that it’ll be better than the horrible second one. I enjoyed the first one..

They should change the relase date to 8/8/8 for good luck.
Yep, Jet Li, Michelle Yeoh, and Maria Bello to name a few.

i’ll watch it with hopes of it being more like the 1st movie but i won’t be holding my breath lol
The movie is going to be terrible, due to the fact that their is a new director. Also, Rachel Weisz isn’t in it. She is hot and she did a good job in her role.

whats worse is Bello is playing the same character as Weisz. Why?! at least write her out and make Bello a differnet character. bastards.
saw that tonight…I’ll see it, I liked the rest of the series

same here and wtf weisz isn’t in it
I’ll probably see it, but i’m not expecting the quality of the previous movies.

Wow, without her it’d be a fail fest. Especailly if someone else plays her role
maria bello? they could have at least picked someone that looks like the other chick ffs.
New Teaser trailer.

or in HD.

I created the first shot in the trailer.. (of the Great Wall)

Yeah, Rob Cohen… “The Fast & the Furious” Rob Cohen… mehh

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