The Mist

The film and I’m sure the story, are prefect examples of how fear and the ending of previous authority can effect human behavior.

There are the Hyper-rational, rational and irrational. Atheist to ultra fundamental Christianity and everything between.

It’s a true modern day lord of the files.

That’s the point, and that’s why I felt it was excellent. I even said to my bf after we saw it “those monsters were pretty lame,” but the character development and the point of the movie was awesome.
As a Huge fan of the original novella. I read it in 10th grade about 2 years ago now. It still remains one of my favorite storys. The movie DID NOT DISSAPOINT. The only problem i had with the end is the fact that i had some plot holes in it. Other than that. It truly is one of the darkest and bleakest endings in cinema history. A TRUE horror film. The average movie goer and or stupid rich spoiled teenager will not like this film. However im only 19 and i loved this film. As did all of my freinds who saw it with me. two of the girls i went with were crying at the end.

P.S. the song at the end was PERFECT. Fuck anyone who says otherwise. Im sure they wanted to hear a slipknot or chingy song at the end. I downloaded it on i tunes and keep lisening to it again and again. Song is “the host of seraphim” by Dead can Dance.
The movie failed to develop the characters to the extent King did in the Novella.

The characters failed to build true relationships.

A true sense of fear and paranoia was never created.

The acting was subpar.

The ending came out of nowhere, and destroyed a character that was never really established in the first place.


Yep, that about sums it up.
The only thing that bothered me a lot – and this is going to sound completely ridiculous – is that when I read the story, I had a very vivid picture of them going to the LEFT (their left, audience’s right) to go to the pharmacy. Seeing them go the other direction really jerked me out of the story.

Did you actually even read the story?

Read it, then watch the movie.

You’ll realise how full of fail it is.
it was ok, if i had to do it over again i’d save it for a rent though.

worth watching, just don’t expect it to be great. expect a decent movie you won’t get bored at, but you aren’t gonna miss it if you skip it and wait for the rent or download instead
It’s not full of fail. I’ve read the story probably at least 5 times, and I liked the movie. I’m even ok with the new ending. All you guys bitching about it are full of fail.

So how is the ending in the movie different from the book?
It’s not the same at all, but it’s a very Stephen King ending.
Read the short story, loved the ending. Saw the movie, loved the ending as well. It’s not often that they can bring a Stephen King movie a decent ending, and his books never seem to have decent endings either.
As ive stated before. Ive read the novella multiple times and loved the movie. So i guess im full of fail. Whatever.

Maybe I just don’t like the movie or don’t like Stephen King?

Maybe you’re just an idiot.

Just kidding. Not every movie, no matter how good, is for everybody. Every film school student is taught to masturbate to Citizen Kane, but it bores me absolutely to tears. I can recognize that it’s a good story, but I just can’t bear to watch it. Give me 12 Angry Men over that any day.
at the end everyone in the theater (all 20 on a friday night) was laughing during the final 5 minutes… it was just soo bad, i appreciated the fact that it was character driven but my gf hated it. most of it was pretty bad though

I cringed during the end when the main character was screaming…he is a pretty bad actor.

Diffrent Strokes I guess. I liked it alot. The acting was a little iffy at the end. But otherwise Jane did a decent job. He ain’t no javier bardeem thought. He was amazing in no country for old men.

I’m sorry I bet you would be one of those people who was hoping Soulja Boy was gonna come on and all the soliders would start doing that to cheer him up. Yeah lets listen to this fucking retard
I liked the movie, but I haven’t read the book yet. Can someone tell me what the book ending is like?

the book ends with that giant monster crossing over them.
The Scout has enough gas to take us maybe another ninety miles. The alternative is to try to gas up here; there is an Exxon out on the service island, and although the power is off, I believe I could siphon some up from the tank. But…

But it means being outside.

If we can get gas-here or further along – we’ll keep going. I have a destination in mind now, you see. It’s that last thing I wanted to tell you about.

I couldn’t be sure. That is the thing, the damned thing. It might have been my imagination, nothing but wish fulfillment. And even if not, it is such a long chance. How many miles? How many bridges? How many things that would love to tear up my son and eat him even as he screamed in terror and agony?

The chances are so good that it was nothing but a daydream that I haven’t told the others … at least, not yet.

In the manager’s apartment I found a large batteryoperated multiband radio. From the back of it, a flat antenna wire led out through the window. I turned it on, switched over to BAT., fiddled with the tuning dial, with the SQUELCH knob, and still got nothing but static – dead silence.

And then, at the far end of the AM band, just as I was reaching for the knob to turn it off, I thought I heard, or dreamed I heard, one single word.

There was no more. I listened for an hour, but there was no more. if there was that one word, it came through some minute shift in the damping mist, an infinitesimal break that immediately closed again.

One word.

I’ve got to get some sleep … if I can sleep and not be haunted until daybreak by the faces of Ollie Weeks and Mrs. Carmody and Norm the bag-boy … and by Steff’s face, half-shadowed by the wide brim of her sunhat.

There is a restaurant here, a typical HoJo restaurant with a dining room and a long, horseshoe- shaped lunch counter. I am going to leave these pages on the counter and perhaps someday someone will find them and read them.

One word.

If I only really heard it. If only.

I’m going to bed now. But first I’m going to kiss my son and whisper two words in his ear. Against the dreams that may come, you know.

Two words that sound a bit alike.

One of them is Hartford.

The other is hope.

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