The Innkeepers

Another Ti West flick with an 80s feel (House of the Devil was badass). Ghost hunters investigating at an old Inn. I’m about 25 minutes in and so far it’s not terrible. Cool set, relaxing cinematography. Warm colours and lighting. Sara Paxton looks A LOT like Martha Plimpton of ‘The Goonies’ fame though and Kelly McGillis looks a little like Shirley Jones now . Maybe it’s just the hair. Or the old.


It was good. I’ve read lots of ‘it’s not a horror movie’ and ‘there was no sex! y u no have titties?’ bullshit reviews from morons who think horror films need to be bathed in blood, gore and nudity in order to qualify genuinely belonging in the genre. That’s just bollocks. It may not have been intensely face paced and real ‘in your face’ with shaky, jittery camera moves and lots of smash, but it had a pretty good story, semi-interesting characters and a pretty solid last act that did its job well enough.

It was a solid independent horror film, not gonna go down as a classic but definitely worth watching.

It reminded me a lot of old movies like The Changeling and PIN.

Yeah it has that old 80s horror film vibe without all the excessive gore and cheesy effects.

It’s what I loved about House of the Devil. Cheese enctrusted 80s dance music out of fucking nowhere.

I fuckin miss the 80s.

Ifl on dl’ing both when I get home tonight

I liked House of the Devil far more than I liked InnKeepers… but I really liked Innkeepers. House was like stepping into my childhood for an hour and a half and seeing the 80s finally done right.

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