The Incredible Hulk

Just caught the midnight show. It’s pretty good. It definitely suffers from a poor release timing; it simply cannot measure up to the incredibly high bar set by Iron Man. I feel like had it been released at another time, I would have been more receptive to it. I was moderately impressed by the movie, nothing stuck out as bad, but nothing really stuck out as “omgwow” like Iron Man. The fight scene with Hulk vs. Abomination was pretty cool, but just didn’t have the awesome feel that the Hulk vs. US Military scenes had, much less the epic feel I expected.

I’d recommend seeing it, I’d even go so far as to recommend seeing it in an expensive theater, but just don’t expect it to be as good as Iron Man, that movie was just too good.

What do those of you that have seen it think?
Hulk’s action scenes > Iron Man’s
But Iron Man was the better movie.
such a great movie!

hulk = sexiest broly evar
blew the first one away by far .. iron man overall was better but hulk action scenes were awesome .. and norton was great

only a couple more hours
I thought it was great, but there was a part that I didnt get

that was my favorite part!

HULK was AWESOME!!! i liked it more than iron man for sure.

I think im going to go see it again sunday
i saw this last night def far batter than the first one. The Hulk looked how he should’ve in the first one, captured perfectly.

The little things you notice are awesome. “….what, they were the strechiest in the store”
haven’t seen it but i’ve got a lot of expectations and hopes from the movie compared to ang lee’s venture.edward norton is great and so is the trailer.can’t wait to see it.
The new hulk seemed smaller and weaker than he did in the first one.
its weird when you know about the comics, and how his power is basically limitless. but still, very good movie imo.
i loved this shit, sick fuckin movie, blew the first one way the fuck out of the water
I hate how everyone keeps referring to the Eric Bana one as “the first one.”

This one isn’t a sequel, it’s the better rendition.

I just saw this movie yesterday. Freakin’ awesome. I must say, I do like Iron Man better but it was still a really awesome movie. I liked how they somewhat tied the two together (makes more sense if the after credit scene in Iron Man was watched). Edward Norton was great as the Hulk. This Hulk was soooo much better than the other Hulk I’m glad they decided to remake it. They cut out an extra hour that was originally in the movie but they say that they’re going to have it in the special edition DVD.

he is supposed to be ten feet tall, and I think in the older one he was way taller
Looks like I’m going to have to go check this movie out. I was a bit wary, but sounds good enough so far.

Just saw it. I liked it, but what the fuck ending? Is that a set up for a sequel or something? What were they talking about?
Anyone else think the strike team would have been destroyed in the Brazilian slum?

The mad scientist actor hinted he would the new villain in the sequel. Pretty good movie, but Iron Man was better.

I did like the clever Bill Bixby cameo.

Was there an after-the-credits scene? I stayed, but it just cut straight from credits to some goofy ads for the theatre I was in, the lights came on, and everyone booed and threatened to burn the place down.

Yea what happened to the angerier hulk gets the stronger hulk gets,the fight with abomination started out good but ended weak,needed more hulk smash brawl but a good start & better story than the first.Iron man is better,hands down.

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