The Frighteners/seraphim falls

two great movies one better than the other though the The Frighteners was most likley in the top ten best movies ive ever seen it gets a ten out of ten it had every thing in it comedy, action, horror, mystery, and romance every thing to make a great movie. they story line was amazing it dragged me in andi couldnt stop wathcing it, it also had some good actores in it you dont see to often any more.

seraphim falls also a great movie but not as good as the first so it gets an 8 out of 10 starts of really quickly with gun fire and every thing, the only thing about ti starting off so quickly is that it draggs on but for a good reason you dont find every thing out you need to know till the end and when you do find every thing out and you think it should be over it picks up again and ends very nicley and with a nice message that revenge isnt every thing, and you cant run away from your problems you have to face them head on, and in the end we are all the same and misunderstood.

I love The Frighteners. It’s my favorite of that guy’s films, actually
what do u mean by that guy u saying michael j fox wasn’t boss in him prime?

Peter Jackson, foo

It’s okay, no sweat


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