The Forbidden Kingdom

Just got back from a screening. I thought it was pretty good. The fight scene between Jackie Chan and Jet Li was awesome
I want to see this film for Jet Li and Jackie Chan, I hope they get enough screentime.

Chinese people from feudal times magically speak English.

The Chinese can be a very accomodating people.

I am really not sure if I should see this movie, didn’t Jet Li and Jackie Chan both say they retired from making this type of epic kung fu movie?

Either they went back on that or this is a very cheesey American movie that they half assed. The white kid also kinda fucks it up for me.
Saw it last night. Wasn’t bad.
Paid homage to alot of old chinese films I think. And a little bit of Karate Kid too.
Only way it could have been better would have been with Bruce Lee.

I think Jet Li retired from making kung fu movies that also had a focus on the beliefs behind it or w/e. Ex: Hero.

This movie is purely fiction, and mostly action. You don’t have to “think” when you go watch it.
Pretty badass fight scenes. The storyline was meh, the whole thing is a story about a kid and some monkey man staff. All in all, the story was decent, but it was all about the fight scenes and Jet Li / Jackie Chan. Jackie Chan is pretty funny as he is the ‘drunken warlord’ lol.

You do realize that elements of the storyline were taken from the most popular kung fu movies in history, right?
I went to go watch this not seeing any previews other than movie posters. I was expecting a Hong Kong movie. When I saw it I was like WTF White kid in a city? But after I got over that, I enjoyed the movie for what it was.

Its just too bad that it took an American film to get these two superstars together.

I did not expect to see the Monkey King. It was kinda
heres what i thought

white kid ruined the movie, monkey king was cool, but i thought jet li was trying to be too much like the old tv series, something about the restaurant scene weirded me out, also the kings soldiers had cheesy armor, good kung fu, the white haired chick is insanely hawt, sparrow is hawt too n of course the white guy gets the girl (sorta)

edit: oh yeah and its almost like Disney made a kung fu movie or something…
I really saw no reason for them to have to use a white kid other than maybe to make the movie seem more Hollywood friendly. And the Lupo character was so cheesy that I actually found it annoying, they really didn’t try to put any creativity there at all. Other than that, I thought the movie was really enjoyable, although I would’ve liked some more fighting between Jackie and Jet.

generally .
i didn’t expect to see The Monkey King aka Son Goku in this….at all. Let alone Jet Li playing the character lol.

Overall i liked it, the fights were pretty cool. After having seen Son Goku though, i was expecting Nimbus to make an appearance lol.

Nimbus didn’t exist in the original legend That’s only in dragonballz, a loosly based copycat of the character in the legend.
the chicks were hot in the movie so that upped it from just “eh” to “ok” haha
I saw it last night & liked it, the audience loved it! I think most of the people there knew the original films it was referencing.

I heard jet li retired from doing hong kong kung fu movies and mainly focusing on acting now

They payed homage to themselves which I thought was kinda. Jackie Chan is basically drunken master. Yes I know their are other drunken movies but come on. It could of been much better, the bitch with the white hair was the best part of the movie.
They used A LOT of actors that either Jet Li or Jackie Chan worked with… only someone else out of the 5 people I went with actually knew what I was talking about and who I was talking about and what movie they were in with either Jet Li or Jackie Chan.

I did enjoy the whole old-style kung fu theme… like the beginning when the white guy is having the dream.

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