The Strangers

Just seen this advertised anyone else hear anything about this movie? Trailer: it’s based on true events so yeah kinda they have taken a true story and tweeked it so it’s a film

The Strangers

What’d you guys think about this movie. I thought it was a blend of texas chainsaw massacre and house of 100 corpses. i thought it was good that she lived in the end. I thought it was real good. At first it seemed as if the killers were all in their heads because they’d never […]

The Ruins

when they spent the first night on top of the “ruins” and the blonde girl and her bf slept in the tent…was she jerking him off in that scene That’s what I got from it. I was somewhat interested while watching the movie up until they show what the “killer trap” is. Is the movie […]

American Teen

This is gonna be a GREAT doc, can’t wait til it’s out. I loved GO TIGERS and HOOP DREAMS, I’m really hoping to add AMERICAN TEEN to the list of insightful and moving high school documentaries. It blew up at Sundance, and the trailer looks really solid: Any other good high school docs I’m missing […]

Beverly Hills Chihuahua

What’s everyones thoughts on this movie? Full Trailer was released last week. I think it looks like it could be funny, George Lopez as a funny talking chihuahua definitely has some comedy written on it. Plus it’s got Piper Perabo from Cayote Ugly, so that’s always a plus. Looks awful. I’m tired of these live […]

'The Eye'

I’m sure that, during their hollowed-out volcanic planning retreat, Jessica Alba’s management cabal presented their client with a spiffy Powerpoint flow chart showing her career trajectory. Sci-fi TV show hottie → superhero movie hottie → diving flick bikini hottie → film noir stripper hottie → Dane Cook. Clearly, the natural progression points to “Asian horror […]