Return of the King…

Man, this movie will fucking own. I’m listening to the soundtrack now and I’m in awe! I can wait to see the battle of Pelennor Fields. Charge of Rohirrim > *.mordor PS I can’t get any more nerdy. Elrond’s Sons better be there and the Rangers. Rangers + Gandalf + Elrond’s Sons = ownage of […]

Prince Caspian

Well, I went and saw this last night with the guys I work with…overall, I enjoyed the film. Trailer: It seemed much more involving than the parts I remember seeing of the first one (which I will probably rent and rewatch tonight) I read all the books a LONG time ago, so I vaguely remember […]

Saw 88 Minutes Today.

I thought it was pretty I think Alicia Witt is hot. It’s been claimed by many that is is Pacino’s worst film to date. I’ll prolly rent it when it comes out just to see how bad it was It looks like another version of Phone Booth with Colin Farrell. It was alright. Not completely […]

Zack and Miri Make a Porno Teaser up at Midnight

Tonight’s the night. At midnight west coast time, we take the ‘Zack and Miri Make a Porno’ teaser live, only at . Don’t call it a trailer, cause it’s not a trailer; it’s a teaser. There ain’t a frame of footage in this puppy that’s in the actual flick, so feel free to watch it […]


Just saw this over the weekend, anyone else seen it? i’m 1/4th mongolian, and i think this movie would have made my grandfather proud Screw you for being in LA. I really want to see it, but with the limited release it seems only NY and LA have showings. Hopefully DVD soon.


Just watched this for the first time last night…pretty good, but the best part was Portman in the strip club with Owen I am surprised that hasn’t been talked about more I liked it, but IIRC, she had a body double for the strip club. My friends I saw it with thought the movie was […]


Trailer: Frank Perry is a lifer; in prison for the rest of his natural born days. He’s never had a problem with that: he did the crime; he’ll do the time. Until now. He receives a letter telling him that his only and much loved daughter is critically ill following an overdose. He knows that […]

The Happening

I love how they are making sure they don’t mention anything about M Night Shyamalan being the writer/director in the trailers Other than the thing that says from the creator of the sixth sense and shit… I noticed that tonight too…the first trailers of it did…but it seems they took it off after his last […]


Save your money. It was cheesy. There were a few cool action scenes. But terrible CGI. Sort of reminded me of Equilibrium with the gunplay. Just not as good. And a shit story, too. The only good part was the 1/2 second of air time that Angelina’s naked ass got. Instead, watch Beowulf and see […]

Woody Allen's "Vicky Cristina Barcelona"

Starring Scarlett Johansson, Penelope Cruz, Rebecca Hall, Javier Bardem, Chris Messina, Patricia Clarkson, and Kevin Dunn Two young American women, Vicky and Cristina come to Barcelona for a summer holiday. Vicky is sensible and engaged to be married; Cristina is emotionally and sexually adventurous. In Barcelona, they’re drawn into a series of unconventional romantic entanglements […]