There Will Be Blood…

Sweeping review Ebert. I loved the part where you explained why it sucks. lol, this forum is the worst movie forum i’ve ever been a part of. the movie was great, up until teh last like minute. Then the whole tone and feel of the movie changed and left me with a wtf feeling. still […]

The Pacific War (Band of Brothers peeps)

Has anybody heard any updates on this? Supposed to be another 10 parter by the Band of Brothers people. Can’t wait, but haven’t heard anything about it in like a year. yea, but it won’t come out til 2009 so…… heres a site for it imdb The Pacific

The Strangers

Just seen this advertised anyone else hear anything about this movie? Trailer: it’s based on true events so yeah kinda they have taken a true story and tweeked it so it’s a film

The Forbidden Kingdom

Just got back from a screening. I thought it was pretty good. The fight scene between Jackie Chan and Jet Li was awesome I want to see this film for Jet Li and Jackie Chan, I hope they get enough screentime. Yes. Chinese people from feudal times magically speak English. The Chinese can be a […]

30 Days Of Night

Holy crap, how did this movie end up sucking so bad? I was so looking forward to this movie, and it was fail all the way. The acting was horrible, the characters acted like morons, and the “vampires” were not even enough to salvage it. Makes me . you are correct sir movie was fucking […]

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

I’m hoping that it’ll be better than the horrible second one. I enjoyed the first one.. They should change the relase date to 8/8/8 for good luck. Yep, Jet Li, Michelle Yeoh, and Maria Bello to name a few. i’ll watch it with hopes of it being more like the 1st movie but i won’t […]

Into the Wild

Just saw Into the Wild I thought it was well done but is it as good as the book? The book very briefly dives into the life of McCandless. It’s only around 100 pages long, so it’s worth the read. What pisses me off is they’re still not showing it up here in Fairbanks!! Bastards! […]

Crank 2: High Voltage

Ok, not that the first Crank was not epic , Crank was amazing, but how the fuck is he still alive? How are you going to fall out of a helicopter that fucking high up, bounce 20 feet up off a car and still live? This makes no sense, but I hope this movie is […]

Babylon A.D.

This movies actully looks Good haha Whats your take Trailer Kicks ass: Vin Diesel is this decade’s cheesy, over the top action hero. I’ll definitely be seeing this, as I love all the old Stallone, Russel, Schwarzenneger, Segal, etc etc movies. If anyone goes in expecting this movie to be anything more than a silly […]

Fast and Furious 4

Its about that time again….. I going to watch this just cause i actually enjoyed the 1st one. as much as everyone loves to hate on it (me included), everyone will still go see it (again, me included) stealing oil instead of dvd players now? They stepped up in the game son. this is so […]