Just prescreened Zohan, my thoughts

I just got home from a free prescreening of You Don’t Mess With The Zohan. It’s pretty much what you’re expecting, but a bit funnier. As an Adam Sandler movie, it relies on ridiculous humor, but he manages to pull it off pretty well. The movie actually has a bunch of funny party that weren’t […]

The Fall

Just saw this movie yesterday and… wow… an absolute masterpiece. Here’s the trailer: Here’s Roger Ebert’s 4-star review: If you go see any movie in the near future, this should be it. The film is currently on the independent circuit. Check here to see if it is playing near you

we own the night

the movie was intense. the silent car chase really got to me. and the intro FTW. comments? I saw it on Sunday, it wasn’t what i expected at all. This was neither good nor bad. Overall I wouldn’t tell someone to go see it. I enjoyed it, it did hit a slow spot but overall […]

Mama Mia!

It’s “Mamma Mia” and I’m sure it will be decent. The musical itself is really excellent, I only worry the casting for the movie will make it weak. another great musical becomming a crappy movie. Hollywood really doesnt have any originality anymore do they? I saw the previews in the theater and I immediately turned […]

The X-Files: I Want to Believe

Anyone else pumped for this? I fucking love the X-files and can’t wait for this to come out. Not excited, I think I will wait for it to be on TV. They took to long to make the sequel. i’m a little excited. i’ve seen a few episodes of the x-files and it was good. […]

Saw V – First Teaser Trailer

What do you think? Will you be seeing it? but i can already say yes that i am going to see it got me kind of excited have all of them came out on halloween?

So I saw Step Brothers tonight

AND IT WAS AWFUL. Granted, a small handful of parts were LOL funny, but most of the movie I just sat there, shaking my head. Another stupid Will Ferrell comedy. If you like dumb Will Ferrell comedies with no real jokes, just him being stupid, doing lame things that adults typically don’t do unless they’re […]

Saw "Wanted" Tonight.

i thought it was ok. better than i expected at least. still glad i watched it online instead of a theater.Very over the top, but a whole lot of fun. Made me buy the graphic novel.Who wrote the novel? Usually I’m up on that stuff but I missed that one…This movie is NOTHING like the […]

The Bank Job

I watched it last night, and I enjoyed it. Good cast, good plot, and some T&A. It was a little too long, IMO. it’s a true story.. you got to watch it. i felt sorry for the first bank robber that got kidnapped, that sandblaster suck’d.

Alfred Hitchcock Presents

Does anyone else here value the craft of these shorts? Its one of the few things that I really enjoy watchign over and over again. Its a shame that they just started putting these out on DVD and are only up to the 3rd season. These are classic stories that have influenced many of today’s […]