Gangster Movies?

What are some good ones like Goodfellas? I saw it for the first time last week I guess they just have to have something like American Gangster, Blow, Scarface, God father, etc… I suck at movies The Departed Carlito’s Way The Untouchables Casino Donnie Brasco Eastern Promises could be considered a gangster movie, are you […]

What are you looking forward to this year?

I’ve been jotting down the various films I come across on IMDB or whatever in a notepad file, and honestly there’s not that many I’m really looking forward to. Hopefully a good number of amazing films come out that I didn’t anticipate, but anyway here’s the rundown so far- Zack and Miri make a Porno […]

Recently viewed films and brief comments

Everything Is Illuminated Starts off slow but picks up, the acting is good there is a decent comic relief factor, but this is really a dramatic flick. Naked Starts off great lots of foul language and gratuitous violence several Rape scenes were the only upside for me. The plot is nil and the characters are […]