spiderman 3

anybody tell me what the name of the black suit is- for the life of me i can’t remember. I know its an alien suit.

It’s not Venom. Venom is the name of the creature that Eddie Brock becomes when he gets the "black suit." As far as I know the suit’s always been referred to as The Symbiote.

it really sucks to have to wait untill next summer for this movie- it looks totally kisk ass in the trailer. Plus the first two were really good- I’d have a hard time choosing which one I liked better. Probably two- the special effects just rocked in that one. I didn’t think I would like Toby as spiderman but he really did a good job. Looking forward to next summer!!
I saw the Spiderman 3 preview when I went to see Superman Returns and my jaw dropped to the floor. That damn movie looks so freakin kick ass!! I can’t wait for it to come out!! I almost creamed myself when I saw the Symbiote moving slowly across the bed or whatever that was. I was like OH SHIT its gonna ROCK!

And Venom appearing in the next one is a LOCK!!!!!!!! Maybe at the end of this one, he makes a cameo?!?!
So they seem to be ruining what Venom was and I also Topher Grace playing him was a rumor?
I didn’t even notice him in the previews….did anybody else see him or did I just overlook him??

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