speed racer

anyone here seen this? i’ve heard some people say it’s to childish. i’m debating between seeing this and the forbidden kingdom.
i cant’ imagine who with 1/2 a mind could enjoy a movie like speed racer appears to be. looks like a complete piece of shit movie, i wouldn’t watch that silly shit if everyone on the internet said it was the greatest movie ever, looks so unbelievably terrible i don’t posses the words to describe my opinion of the trailers
It’s actually very good. I’m not sure what all the negativity is about, and I’m not sure what those who were critical of it were expecting. Monologues, realism? It’s a big candy-colored neon-bright swirl of a film that makes you feel about ten years old again. I suppose you have to want to enjoy it. Overall, it’s just a bunch of fun. Imagine your happiest childhood memory swirled in a cotton candy machine and dipped in crack. It’s really wonderful.

I thought it was going to be shit but I ended up liking it. You just have to remember that the movie is based off a cartoon and pays homage to that.
The movie was fucking amazing,

The ending =
terrible story, ok acting, badass cgi.

for making a movie to resemble the cartoon, it succeeds.

for making a good movie, epic epic failure.

hopefully this finally makes every realize the wachowskis are a joke.
The whole point of the movie is to be a live action cartoon, if that makes any sense.

it’s not supposed to be deep…just big, flashy, fun, and fast.
Funny, the Rotten Tomatoes Reviewers give it 36%, while everyone that’s seen it has given it 77%..

So should we listen to critics? Fuck no. They’re not even the designated audience.
It’s made from a cartoon… were you expecting Gone With The Wind?
loved it, whats the definition of a good movie? i know i had a good time n thats all that matters
I went in with no expectations, didn’t read any of OT’s god horrible bandwagon reviews or opinions on the movie and loved the movie when I got done watching it.

Its a great movie and the climax of the film was awesome too.
It looks horible, but it is not. You should see it as soon as you can, it is the best movie based on a cartoon I have ever seen.
It is worth waiting to see on DVD. Save the money for the upcoming AMAZING FILMS.


Iron Man


The Incredible Hulk

You Don’t Mess with the Zohan

Pineapple Express

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Max Payne

Saw V

Indiana Jones

Step Brothers

Hellboy II

The Dark Knight

The Love Guru

Kung Fu Panda

Sex and the city movie (sike just kidding, what an epic fail this is going to be)

Alot of great movies coming out. Speed Racer isn’t worth it. You shouldn’t change your opinion on a movie because it is based off a cartoon. This was not a cartoon. So obviously you can’t use that as an excuse to argue for it. The CGI was amazing, but if you want to see a movie for that… wait until it comes out on Blu-Ray or something.
You list these movies and then go tell us not to waste our money on Speed Racer?
Prince Caspian isn’t looking that bad though.

Zohan…I dunno, could be funny, or it could be the preview shows all the funny scenes.

I am really wishing Harry Potter would be out sooner…I’m pretty sure I’ll be cheering when the big Harry/Ginny moment occurs.

Stupid book…made me nostalgic for the fantasy naive relationship I never had…

And as far as the whole “You shouldn’t change your opinion about a movie because it’s a cartoon”…that’s not what we meant. We meant that you shouldn’t expect something more from that type of movie than what it is. A movie based on a half hour cartoon about racing just won’t be that deep. You’d be an idiot to think otherwise.
Speed Racer is worth it, belive you me.

Most of those movie up there, are kinda cool. Kung Fu Panda though looks like something just not worth it… what the hell is it about anyways. A panda that needs to reclaim glory so he goes out and trains to become stronger?

I bet thats what it is, and if it is that, then fuck it, I dont want to even come near it.
Kung Fu Panda… two words… Jack Black.

Yeah, I won’t go see Kung Fu Panda in theatres, but I listed it because it is talked about alot and will probably hit box office gold, as all the animated kids movies do. You Don’t Mess With the Zohan actually looks like it could be pretty funny, probably a big let down, but it is Adam Sandler and well enough said. The new Narnia movie looks pretty damn good I must admit. Usually, I would agree with you on a movie like Narnia, but this new one looks pretty sick. Wanted looks pretty fucking badass too. Angelina Jolie as an assassin with Morgan Freeman???? The Love Guru actually looks pretty funny, maybe not theatre funny, but still could be good.
I absolutely loved it! I liked the way they incorporated so much from the cartoon. They did a wonderful job of making a cartoon in real life.
…cheesy ass movie, but great for the kids (which I think they did a good job on their part)
Finally saw it the other night with a friend. It was entertaining as fuck.
I had no expectations going into this movie, i didn’t see the cartoons, and i didn’t really look into what the movie was about before seeing it other than knowing there was some crazy racing scenes in it.

I ended up seeing it on IMAX, maybe that enhanced the experience but i walked out of the theatre loving this movie, perhaps even more than Iron Man. Something in this movie hooked me, i believe it was the way the story was told, it method of story telling was a bit different from normal movies out there and that set it apart from the rest. I just got really into it. This movie wasn’t just a kids movie, i believe it was a movie for anyone. Can’t wait for the DVD.
I loled when he said “get this weak shit off my track” I was like, lol there are lots of little kids here.

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