Speed Racer!

Depends on if you’re into the whole ‘cartoony’ live-action genre of films. heh. Hell, I don’t write the fucking script, I just make the effects. I think it’ll do well based on what some people are expecting from the old anime, but I think it’s just another way to sell more toys and crap.
Personally I think this movie looks so lame. I saw the trailer at the theater the other night. It looks like they threw the old cartoon, the video game f-zero (remember that?) and some cheesy one lines together and….bam…speed racer.
caretaker u make the effects what company do you work for? exhaust?
i watched the speed racer trailers and i can’t imagine a movie looking much worse than this. i couldn’t possibly be less enthused

i don’t say this due to graphics cause frankly how visually well a movie looks doesn’t mean a thing when the script is complete garbage. I’m not knocking your work, it “looks” pretty, but you didn’t write the script or direct it so it isn’t your fault that it looks lame as can be

No.. I work at Digital Domain. Ya, each individual shot that I’ve worked on is pretty damn cool, on its own. I have no idea what sort of clusterfuck this will turn out to be at the theatres.

as gay as two dudes doin each other in the butt.
Looks pretty slick to me. I’ll probably just smoke a bowl then go in and stare at the pretty colors and beat off to Wednesday Addams.
Watching this movie high is going to be the only way to get through it, I think. Or else you’ve gotta be a preteen.
It looks kinda gay lol. I’ll probably go see it. It might be a cult hit just because of it’s lameness.
Yeah, some of the scenes looked kinda “interesting” to me at 1st, with the colors and all…but, I think it should be pretty cool.

That car especially looks, so good. . Haha…hope it works out!!
I definitely have mixed opinions on this one. And it’s a shame I was looking forward to it. Going to have to wait to hear some reviews.
caretaker whos the av!!!!

movie looks like it could be fun to goto
Just wanted to say “Hi” to Caretaker’s AV again.
I dunno who the AV is.. Downloaded it from Stiles forum a long time ago..

Oh.. Speed Racer review below..

looks cool to me
(mainly cause i grew up watching speed racer), and i like the way they kept much of the character designs.

also full size pic of your av

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