Scott Pilgrim

Although based on a graphic novel, it was the best video game movie ever made.
Had to love the coins falling after he won his battles.

Im torn. I walked out thinking the movie, as a whole, was very "ok", but could think of so many individual aspects that made it extremely entertaining.

Id give it a 8, as a once avid gamer who grew up on the very references this GN and movie are from. It was perfectly true to what it was, so for those who "get it" this is a fun movie. I was more than happy to have paid for the ticket. It was witty and funny toward its demographic. I felt it stayed "true" to its following.

As a moviegoer, id give it a 6. It didnt flow well, for a movie (it flowed like a GN would). Unfortunately, because it stayed so true to itself, it doesnt provide the same level of satisfaction at its climax than movies I generally prefer.

Movies like this and Kick-ass need to exist, but I feel Kick-Ass did a better job of adapting itself to the movie platform.

i was high as fuck and thought this movie was awesome. opening credits were kool as hell

watched this movie last night and really enjoyed it. It was kinda trippy with the scene changes and shit. It was not what i expected and i will watch again.

I loved it, one of my favourite films of 2010.

awesome movie. probably the best thing edgar wright has done so far… except Spaced and Shaun of the Dead…. and fuck it Hot Fuzz too.

The chick with the pink and black hair and the blonde head chick was fine to.

mary elizabeth winstead…. fuck…. yes.

Interesting conversion from GN to film. I liked the gamer references and the visuals were pretty cool. Worth the viewing.

the coins were awesome.

High concept.
Low brow.

it appears you are still posting. you might want to see to that.

You could just get edward to do that for you.

funny i could have sworn he was already here

High concept.
Low brow.

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