Saw "Wanted" Tonight.

i thought it was ok. better than i expected at least. still glad i watched it online instead of a theater.
Very over the top, but a whole lot of fun. Made me buy the graphic novel.
Who wrote the novel? Usually I’m up on that stuff but I missed that one…
This movie is NOTHING like the book. Other than names and a similar idea. That said, both were really fun! I went in with a slightly open mind knowing that they had changed so much of the book. I was pleasantly surprised on how much fun the movie was. I have heard a sequel is in the works… that should be interesting for obvious reasons to anyone who has seen it.

Movie sucked. Like I said in the other Wanted thread, shitty plot, shitty acting, shitty CGI.
it might’ve been a good movie if they didn’t go overboard with the cgi

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