Red Eye

I rented the movie today and watched it…It was OK…im glad i rented it though…pretty predictable film

that’s what i tought also, the girl is kinda hot, the guy is crazy after seeing batman begins….it was an alright movie.
I watched that movie for the first and last time today.

The movie sucked. I’m a fan of Cillian Murphy and with some small changes to the script namely the begining and the end it could have been made decent but it failed.
The first half was so pointless & drawn out that it made me not care about the somewhat better 2nd half. That guy has really great blue eyes…even if the rest of his face is rather creepy.
All I cared about for in the movie was Rachel McAdams. The movie sucked. Rachel is fucking HOT.
you know, i didn’t HATE this movie but did find it totally anti-climactic. it’s a shame, too, because rachel mcadams and cillian murphy are pretty much my favorite young actors today.

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