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Everything Is Illuminated
Starts off slow but picks up, the acting is good there is a decent comic relief factor, but this is really a dramatic flick.

Starts off great lots of foul language and gratuitous violence several Rape scenes were the only upside for me. The plot is nil and the characters are so loosely strung together that you may begin to wonder which one is the main character. While the actual main character is well devolved, his constant rants and acts of bad behavior are aimless. Very over-rated IMO, but it’s good for what it’s worth. If I recall it’s a British flick released in 93.

Blue Velvet
OT suggested this one as a must watch. It too is an older film, starts off slow but finishes well. It’s more of a mystery movie with a twist of love story. Very well played for it’s age.

The Covenant
Utter shite I just watched it because it was new and it was in the store when I went to return my mail ins at block buster. Sci-fi witch thriller garbage, and generally I don’t mind sci-fi as a genre.

Meh, it’s an alright animated film, I’ve seen a lot better but I’ve seen worse. A lot of complaints stated that it was drawn out but hey it’s a movie about a world of cars don’t expect the Incredibles. This is not an action movie.

You Me, and Everyone We Know

This is one of those flicks like happiness. There were several characters and sub-plots but they end up tying together towards the end. Also there was a couple under aged sluts that kind of gave me half chub so that was a plus. This one is kind of artsy so viewer beware.

That is all…

Oh wait also I watched most of the movies from that best movies most people haven’t seen thread. A lot of them sucked or were highly over-rated.
Jesus Camp
not as alarming as people made it out to be. enjoyable, but won’t make much of a lasting impression on me as some other documentaries have managed to do.

I’ll do some other documentaries later. drunk
Visitor Q
The only thing I really enjoyed about this movie was the shock factor. I see what the director and writers were trying to accomplish but I’m afraid part of it was lost in translation.

Decent flick, but kind of ends with no resolve, and some elements were disjoint. This came highly recomended so of course I feel it was slightly under rated. They just tried to do too much with too little.

Low budget comedy at it’s best. I laughed several times, this movie has a great premise and is somewhat thought provoking. Good insight on human behavior in general.
Children of Men
Briliiantly shot and an awesome thought-provoking film.

Pan’s Labyrinth
Visually great but boring at times and extremely over-hyped
Not so brief, but I loved it so much

“The Hidden Fortress” 10/10

Wonderful film. I’ve seen ~900 now, and this is probably in the top 10 of ones I cherish most.

First, the opening shot is one of the most striking and memorable I’ve ever seen, a loose camera following these two deranged, inept, bickering mercenaries across a barren landscape; I can’t understand why it works so well, but it’s gorgeous, comical and effortlessly storytelling, all at the same time. As the movie wears on, this stylistic genius inevitably subsides a bit, but overall it still gives off a remarkable feeling of parched toughness that reminds me of “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly” (and surely, Kurosawa’s 3-shady-bandits-looking-for-the-gold helps insinuate some similarities at first).

I won’t spoil the plot, since it’s too much of a gem to give away. Even though it may seem that its premise seems like typical Kurosawa – samurai at war – this one turns out to be very atypical. Instead of focusing on the grandeur of leaders, who with their mere gestures slaughter armies of thousands of anonymous commoners, it focuses instead on the plight of those commoners, their comical and yet deeply affecting struggle to stay alive. I like that, because for me, Kurosawa’s sprawling samurai epics tend to be almost inhuman, so detached and cunning that they’re almost other-worldly. Yet, we also know he’s capable of bloodless character studies too – think “Ikiru”, or “Red Beard”. It’s in “The Hidden Fortress” that he combines the two: we’ve got the sweeping chaos of samurai warfare, presented through the eyes of two pathetic down-and-outs and their adorable greed. Admittedly, after the first hour, it conflates into a story about the honor and magnificence and battles of the noble class, but that’s perhaps inevitable. Maybe it even helps. Without contrasting the delightful, mad humanity of the paupers with the rigidness of the nobility, this movie could have become a slapstick farce.

Anyway, this is probably the first fun Kurosawa movie I’ve seen; don’t get me wrong, I respect his work tremendously, and I think the 10-15 movies of his that I’ve seen so far are deep, meaningful, introspective, epochal, and unqualifiedly great. But I’ve never really had fun, true giddyish fun, at a Kurosawa movie. This one was the first. I always knew Kurosawa had a magnificent soul, but I never knew he had a funny one as well. Now, “The Hidden Fortress” is too skillful and far-reaching and understated to be called a comedy – perhaps it’s more accurate to call it (or at least parts of it) wonderfully jovial and life-affirming.

Bottom line, parts of it were typical Kurosawa – tense samurai battles full of honor and stylish, sweeping glory. But most of it was also jovially humane, and had me laughing hysterically.
Employee of The Month
Pathetic I may have chuckled twice
The Hills Have Eyes
One of the worst movies I have ever seen in my entire life. The rape scene couldn’t even redeem it. I would group this with the likes of Jeepers creepers…I don’t know if there are people who actually liked Jeepers Creepers but if you did you will love this magnificently horrifc piece of shit.
The Opposite Of Sex
homophobes beware…It’s pretty long has small bits of comedy but managed to keep me entertained. Despite the overall gayness the storyline about a pregnant 16 year old white trash Christina Ricci is watchable.

Ma femme est une actrice
My Wife Is an Actress
Pretty wholesome movie for the average adult couple. Theres a bit of nudity and a decent amount of the flick centers around sex with a hint of antisemitism in France.
The Queen – Helen Mirren was nearly as fabulous as she was in Elizabeth 1 (HBO 2 part series, absolutely riveting) Takes place during the time that Princess Di passed away and covers the opposing views that the very newly elected Prime Minister (Michael Sheen as Tony Blair) has vs the house of royals. Amusing, interesting subject even if you aren’t into royal stuff (i’m not) – VERY strong performances. The cinemetrography, cutting the story with real footage from the time was great. Charles comes across as a twit, but a twit with a heart.

My husband was not that interested in seeing it, after said it was one of the best movies he’d seen in a very long time.
The hills have eyes was amazing.

But I was drunk at the theater.

And fatboy slim fucking sucks.

Aren’t you the person who also said that the dukes of hazards and Beer Fest were both good, but you were drunk when you saw Beer Fest? I suggest you see the hills have eyes sober and make the same statement with a straight face. Unless you actually are one of the people that thought Jeepers Creepers was good too. In which case you should refrain from commenting on any movie ever again for the remainder of your life.

As per your other statement…

Last I heard sucking didn’t get you 21 hit singles, 4 top selling albums, or a platinum plaque so maybe you got Norman Cook mixed up with another Fatboy that fucking sucks, namely yourself you cock sucking, cum swallowing, taint licking, salad tossing, faggot.


Thanks for trolling come again
Gridiron Gang
By no means a great movie, but surprisingly better than I imagined. It has a 6.5 on IMDB and I think that’s about accurate, but I personally would like to give it a 7 however it’s hard to do that. The issue about this movie is that if you can relate to it any anyway whatsoever then you will think it’s better than those who can’t. By relate I mean the majority of people that watch football movies have never stepped on the field. Also the majority of the cast are troubled minority youths. It’s hard for a middle class white man who has never been competitively involved in athletics to relate to anything that goes on in the film ergo mixed reviews and in between ratings.
The Matador
This film was better than I expected. I had pretty low expectations of it although I am a Pierce Brosnan fan so I was a little surprised. It’s a decent bit of dark humor and the story unravels quickly. The plot isn’t really that deep so I guess they keep the story line moving at a quick pace to keep the viewers attention.
Blade Runner
This was a pretty bad flick but someone from OT suggested it. It’s way overrated imo. I fell asleep watching this shit twice It’s kind of a sci fi thriller released in 82, but what a horrible depiction of the future.

It’s #97 in IMDB’s top 250

4/10 from me

ouch dude, I love Blade Runner. It gets a 8/10 for me (well that is on the hdtv capture copy I have)

I don’t understand the hype? Maybe I got a bad copy it was all dark and dreary looking. I have a pretty huge lcd tv and umm it didn’t look so hot. I can’t imagine HD-DVD would make it any better. The story wasn’t entertaining and the acting wasn’t impressive. I’m so confused about how this got ranked 97.

i saw about 20 minutes of this before i played super mario 3. seemed bad, and if anyone would group it with jeepers creepers, i’m gonna have to stay away
I don’t want to give this too much hype because OT faggots flame anything that gets too much attention, but I thought this was a pretty fantastic film. I can certainly see how someone would disagree, and I’ve heard people whine about the premise of this movie while folks from the midwest and bible thumpers refer to it as graphic and vulgar, but I loved it. Even if you don’t like it, I doubt you would have the urge to get up and leave.

Cypher: I hate “beeping computers”, and flashy lights in movies, but the constant twists and the story made it enjoyable.

The Insider: I went into this movie head first not knowing anything. Just the way I like it. Definitely in my top 10.

Dark Days: It’s a documentary about homeless folks and how some still have some drive in them.

K-pax: Started off good…

This film is not yet rated: Uncovers the MPAA’s rating tactics, and briefly talks about piracy. Pretty good.

District B13: Over the top action with alot of good fight scenes. Turn off your brain and just enjoy the action. I’m certain at least one person died doing some of the scenes.
Last night I watched the Night at the Museum and I was amazed..the film belongs to horror but there’s something funny there…but I enjoy watching it with my friends and our next plan is to watch this Nick Love film the “Outlaw”
intersting premise and I’m somewhat of a mathematician so the number theory was interesting to me. I’m not big on conspiracy theory shit so I didn’t really care much for parts of the plot. I’ts a decent flick but I can’t say what percentage of people would enjoy it.

Bridge to Terabithia
I hadn’t read the book, but I saw this with some children. I didn’t think it was all that great, but I could tell that it was a poor book to film translation. It was supposed to be creative and artistic and I don’t feel as though it was shot that way, I don’t know. Good story bad film I guess.

Ghost Rider
Eva mendes is a terrible actress, that being said the premis for this was good, Cage even played the part well, I blame the fact that it was a bad film on the script.

Music and Lyrics
I don’t like Drew Barrymore or Hugh Grant, the combination of the two was disaterous. The film was mediocre and the two main characters only made it worse. Not to mention the mockery they made of the 80’s
this is as bad as everyone says it is, try to avoid this one folks

casino royale
not as action packed as i had hoped, overall a good watch though.

ocean’s twelve

I don’t understand why I heard so many bad things about this one. It does a good job of following the previous movie, and in the same style. I enjoyed it for the most part.

i watched a rip of it without subtitles and didn’t realize how much foreign language was going to be in it, i just assumed we were supposed to pick up on body language to interpret what was going on.

i watched 4/5 of it before things got too intense and i figured there was no way this didn’t have subtitles. turned out i was right. although i did a damn good job with the body language and interpreting what was going on, was pretty accurate with what the words were.
The other day, I watched Norbit…I was cried on the introduction but this a funny movie you know…maybe I was just emotionally to watched that movie..but I think two weeks more we can watch Sean Bean again on the big screen..and still we are excited to watch his Outlaw film…

Music and Lyrics
Drew Berrymore disgust me, even more than Hugh Grant. Add the bad acting to the poor character developement subtract the plot and you get a 4/10. I should deduct another point for making fun of my beloved 80’s

Ghost Rider

I personally felt it could have been good. I blame the script, and Eva Mendes. No Nick Cage hate here.
Recently I watched the Night at the Museum at cinema…The movie is well paced, jumping almost directly into the action, with plenty of laughs…after I watched at cinema I went home and watch the trailer of this another action packed of Sean Bean..the Outalw film made by Nick Love…as what I’ve seen, this film has something that gives importance in our lives as we exist in one particular place like England…an interesting one that is worthy to watch at cinema on the official release date…can’t wait to watch the whole story of this film…

Running With Scissors
I expected so much more from this film. I was terribly disapointed. 4/10 maybe even a 3.

See No Evil
Terrible film. I had some time to kill, and one or two of the deaths were comical, but I did manage to fall asleep once.
It sounds that the movies you’re watching are just an average film only..right?Have you watch the Night at the museum…? It was nice what we got info’s from different forums it was a horror, but actually it has a part that looks funny… I watched that movie recently and rate it as a 6/10…
Anyway, too near to watch at cinema the most intrique film here in UK..a Nick Love Outlaw film…anyone has the same awaited film this year?

V for Vendetta

Nice story, nice action and I liked the dialoque. Natalie portman was not as beautiful as I expected. She look just above average.

Smoking Aces

I liked the style of the movie. It has nice action and some funny moments. The story was average. The dialogue in the begin of the movie looked like tarantino dialogue but alot worse.

The Marine

I liked the style and the action of the movie. There where also some funny moments and the leader of the bad guy’s was cool. The story was simple.

Wedding Crashers

Vince Vaughn was great in that movie. I enjoyed the movie alot. There where alot of good characters. The story was also good. It’s one of my favourite movies.


Good story with two great leading actors, Denzel Washington and the Psycho.

“Would you like another Extra Big Ass Fries?!”
The other week, I also watched a Hannibal Rising at a matter of fact, my expextation has beeb lessen..Not totally bad,but it looks descent film and still an average film of the year..Lady Murasaki (Gong Li), who lost her own family at Hiroshima. There he starts his campaign of torture and decapitation, polishing his new craft by dispensing with a local war criminal who insults his aunt.

much excited to watch Sean Bean on his next performance in his most controversial film Outlaw by Nick Love..

cool site and impressive stuff

The other week, I also watched a Hannibal Rising at a matter of fact, my expextation has beeb lessen..Not totally bad,but it looks descent film and still an average film of the year..Lady Murasaki (Gong Li), who lost her own family at Hiroshima. There he starts his campaign of torture and decapitation, polishing his new craft by dispensing with a local war criminal who insults his aunt.

much excited to watch Sean Bean on his next performance in his most controversial film Outlaw by Nick Love..

cool site and impressive stuff

Your grasp of the english language seems to be lacking in some fashion, It’s tiring to decipher your post, and often times I can’t tell if you’re serious.

note the strategic positioning of the words your and your in the sentence
I just saw the new cut of Alexander: The Final Cut. Its now 3.5 hours long with so many features i still have to watch them all. The movie was great, definitely more complete and the violence seems to have been turned up a notch. It was great. And to make things even better, there was a free ticket to see 300. So definitely worth the purchase.

If you aren’t sure about the movie, check out the trailer on , or take the (use the code ‘300’) which has a few scenes from the movie included. Chance to win a PS3, iPod Shuffle, or $$$ 😛 So have fun.
Last week, Im watched the Number 23 of Jim Carrey… and it was amazing film..Jim looks too different in this film compare from his previuos films had..It was a nice film of Jim Carrey..and this week I’m planning to watch the Sean Bean’s film Outlaw…I had here the link where Sean Bean has been interview regarding his Outlaw film of Nick ,

Highlander: The Source
Worst fucking piece of shit movie I have seen in along time.
The bad buy (The Guardian) looked like he was a character in Silent Hill.
Worst acting, worst script/plot, worst cgi effect ever!!!

avoid this movie like the plague
Thankfully I d/l it and didn’t buy it.
America’s favourite bad-guy, Sean Bean, is without shadow of a doubt a legend. From Sharpe to Lord of the Rings, Bean has been a dominating presence in British film and television. Famed for his ability to pick challenging and interesting projects – not to mention for being a favourite of the ladies – Bean has carved one of the most successful acting careers of his generation.

He had plenty of achievements in entertainment as a brilliant actor, and finally can watch again his next performance in his upcoming Outlaw film..

stop whoring this piece of shit movie…we get it outlaw now give it a rest you fucktard

IL+1 faggot
I understand your feeling, anyway we have different likes in our life.. It’s okey if you don’t like that movie, maybe you did not understand what the story looks like and how does this film relates in reality…but, I’m sure if you read the synopsis and the bases of the director of this film and what are his inspirations to make this film, you will bit the ideas and the inspirational message..

The Quiet
This movie has it all Elisha Cuthbert + Camilla Belle = WIN. The movie it’s self isn’t great, but the action is hot I think some bad acting contributes to it’s low IMDB score, I give it a 5/10, it’s really just an average movie, unless you have a certain fondness for either of the girls, but that would be biased, and I want to give a fair opinion.

George Washington
Someone in the Red Carpet Forums raved about how good this film is. I was left with a what the fuck just happened feeling after I watched it. In fact, I still don’t know what happened. It’s a decent movie I guess, but I couldn’t really find the life lesson or whatever the hell is supposed to be the stapple of the films plot. 7.3/10 on IMDB, I don’t know what to rate it, honestly I’m still confused.

I saw the Quiet without knowing anything about it and liked it. Both girls are hotties. I would give the movie 6.5/10

I could easily have rubbed one off watching it

Particularly, no one can judge the film by itself through doubtness, and the final judgement will be basically on the whole story being watch at cinema..For me, as what I observed from the trailer and from the ifo’s I got from the official site of this film,it really convinced and impress me how important the film and how it relates in reallity…

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