Prince Caspian

Well, I went and saw this last night with the guys I work with…overall, I enjoyed the film.


It seemed much more involving than the parts I remember seeing of the first one (which I will probably rent and rewatch tonight)

I read all the books a LONG time ago, so I vaguely remember what happens.

Seemed a lot like a light version of the Two Towers. The music was really good though. I can’t figure out if I thought the movie was good because of the movie, or because of the music.

Couple of scenes were great…the “you may need to call me” was one. The “Lucy and her dagger” was another.

I actually enjoyed the bit of romance they had going with Susan and Caspian…too bad we won’t see her again.

What did you all think of it?

Looking online, looks like the film is not that well liked…I see why though, it’s supposed to be about Caspian, but it’s really about the 4 kids…I may go see it again to see how it goes down the second time.

I liked the movie a fair amount. It had some good action scenes, and it really was about the kids the whole time and will continue to be atleast until the next movie is over with. I agree there was some funny parts, mainly the dagger part with Lucy, but I really didn’t like the ‘incase you need to call me again’ line, I thought that was pretty cheezy, but overall a pretty good movie with alot of lord of the ring-esque qualities, but more for kids then LOTR.

I thought it was a good movie.

I am going to read the books this summer. I never read them when I was younger.

It went by really fast which means it kept my attention and had a good pace to it.

I thought the acting and special effects were well done.

Does the older two siblings not appear in the story again? I find that very disappointing. I really like Susan, she is hot in a simple sort of way.

At least in the books, only Edmund and Lucy (of the original 4) come back for the next journey. Then it transitions to different characters (basically, the 3rd character who accompanies Lucy and Edmund in the next one, and a friend of his).

And…according to the books, Susan never goes to Narnia again. All the other kids get to come back in the last installment though.

And hell yeah, Susan was simple hot…especially liked the scene in the movie where we got a nice cleavage shot down her dress….I was like “oh, hello”.

I have that damn song from the end of the movie in my head constantly now….”The Call”

I think I will go see it again tomorrow since i have the day off. I think it will probably disappear from it’s prominent display in theaters once Indiana Jones comes out.
God, this movie annoyed the fucking piss out of me. My friends wanted to see it so I went ahead and downloaded the first one, thought it was mediocre, then went into prince caspian hoping for something better. Noooooooooooope.

(I am insulting the movies, not the books. I didn’t read the books and don’t care about them)

First of all, both movies pacing is HORRIBLE. The movies are 30 minutes too long and there are sections of the movie an hour long where next to nothing interesting happens and you’re just sitting there bored off your ass. The story itself really isn’t all that interesting… It seems like the only people who like it like the fantasy world it creates. Personally, I don’t mind fantasy, but the fantasy world isn’t a bonus to me, I’m still looking for character, story, etc. like any other movie. Which brings me to my next point…

Two movies, 5 hours of my life and NONE of the main characters have ANY characterization AT ALL. You don’t give a fuck about any of them. No real attempt has been made to even distinguish them from one another, you could take almost any of their lines and just mix and match them with another one of the kids and it’d make absolutely no difference. They’re. All. Flat. This, probably more than anything else makes the movies boring to me, the characters just aren’t fucking interesting at all.

And oh, man, don’t get me started on Aslan. If I never hear the word ‘Aslan’ again in my life it’ll be too soon. BOTH movies, no one will shut the fuck up about the stupid lion for the first hour and thirty minutes of the movie, then he shows up and barely does anything. Why is he such a big deal? Who knows. In both movies, all he did was kill the white witch, and the only reason he was able to do that was because Edmund decided to be a badass and break her staff that gave her power. Edmund should get ALL the credit for that, all Aslan did was run in and get the last hit. Aside from that, Aslan does next to nothing in both movies, but no one will fucking shut up about him, Peter (name? I honestly don’t even know the kid with the blonde hairs name for sure, after watching both movies) literally asks if Aslan is here before a huge battle, when they tell him no he calls a fucking retreat. Run away, the stupid lion isn’t here! Yes, I get the fucking symbolism, lion = jesus, or god, or whatever. He’s a GREAT symbol for god, no one will ever stop talking about him, and he doesn’t do anything. Perfect.

And honestly, some of the writing was just piss-poor. Oh, how convenient, we have medicine that cures anything with one drop. Characters run into enormous forests and find exactly what they’re trying to find immediately, with no effort in actual searching, nor any idea where they are going. Characters stumble around, and ultimately a great deal of what happens is just… entirely too convenient. The shit could have been established or written better, instead of having the 10th 3-minute talk about some boring shit between the main characters.

You can step down off your soapbox now.

I have to disagree with you.

When the movie was over, I had to look at my watch just to see what time it was because I didnt believe that 2 1/2 hours had past. It felt like an hour. I thought the movie had a terrific pace and kept me so interested that I had a hard time believing the movie was really that long.

What do you mean Aslan didnt do anything? He won the entire battle for them. Without him giving life back to the trees, they were all dead. They were outnumbered and backed up against the wall. Then, the troops retreated back to where they kept all their weapons and if Aslan hadnt brought the river to life, they would of just been slaughter there too.

Maybe it isnt your cup of tea but I thought it was very well done and the same with the first one.
I think Kalypso’s critique of the movie is pretty on-point.

Aslan doesn’t do shit. He’s literally gone for the entire movie, shows up for a minute and brings trees, GG.

Not that I want to get into some geeky fantasy debate but do you think they win that battle without Aslan? They looked pretty fucked until he got the trees going.

I total agree about Susan. Too bad she wont be in future movies.
I liked it, not as good as the first one but Iit kept my interest.
I think people who have read the books & are also embracing it on the religious level will appreciate it more.

It is like people who only watch A Clockwork Orange for the violence & nudity.

To be fair, a lot of that is straight from the books.

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