The Wave

Just watched it on Netflix.

German movie based on actual events at a Palo Alto high school in 1967.
(Movie ending didn’t follow the real-life events though).

Teacher wants to teach the class about fascism, so he essentially turns the class into a fascist state over the course of 1 week. Kids take to the concept like flies to honey, but it gets out of control.

Intense movie. Highly recommended.

Wiki article about the actual experiment:
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John Carter of Mars

I’ve read some positive things around the web. No official reviews yet.

Saw it tonight in 3D. I have not read the books, but I thought it was really good. Absolutely an epic adventure movie.

That may be the only thing that hurts it really… people don’t know what it’s about, and there are a lot of characters in this entirely foreign world to keep up with, but I think Stanton balances it out pretty well, and adds in enough humor and action to keep it moving.
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Just watched 2001: A Space Odyssey for the first time

Mind = BLOWD

I think the black monolith represented a blank slate at each stage of mankind’s evolution. First we conquered the biological, then we discovered tools and the bulk of the movie is about our challenge of conquering tools. (I take issue with the philosophical and historic significance of tools – plenty of other animals use tools – what makes mankind special is that we have intent). The monolith on the moon was supposed to be a challenge for individual humans, but we were still vulnerable and weak so we needed a bigger challenge – the monolith on Jupiter was a challenge for the whole civilization. HAL represented the final challenge in our mastery of tools, and a warning not to play god and try to make AI into Life. The psychedelics were to show that we were entering something new, unknown, and unintelligeable. It was also obviously representative of the birth experience. The embryo at the end represented that we had been officially born into the community of interstellar civilizations that we all know is chillin out there.
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Captain America

was pretty good in a summer full of comic book movies. Lots of action and kind of a cool "Benjamin Buttons" type action on Steve Rogers character.

Movies that always leave me wanting more get a big thumbs up from me…

Loved it!
Great characters. Well cast. Great movie.

Surprise surprise tinker tailor soldier spy gets 84% on rotten tomatoes

Another tediously boring piece of shit like a Kings speech I even think there were some of the same actors , I’m not sure cause everybody looks exactly the same

another case of the director thinking he’s so smart and ambitious that he has to bore the shit out of everybody and everybody wants to be smart too so they all give a good ratings because of its "great cast"

You can tell the producers thought the same thing because the trailer shows the scene where there is a flyover of jets in Budapest.. This scene was literally four seconds long in the film but they do it anyway just to pull in some regular people meaning the ones who don’t write reviews
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Sequels that surpassed the original

Stealing the ball from Mishimi and running with it here.

Not necessarily sequels that surpassed the original, but sequels that kept up with the original…

I think it’s safe to say Godfather II at this point.

but we could argue that it’s part of a trilogy and not a sequel. though i suppose the same could be said for the godfather so i’ll just back away quietly.

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New Spider Man Trailer

It actually looks like it’ll be better than Raimi’s.

Will not watch. Enough rebooting shit that nobody gives a fuck about.

Well, Garfield will make a better Parker and Spider Man than Maguire. Also, I really like 500 Days of Summer, and the same director made this.

500 days of summer is not a superhero action movie. Either way, reboots need to stop.

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Scott Pilgrim

Although based on a graphic novel, it was the best video game movie ever made.
Had to love the coins falling after he won his battles.

Im torn. I walked out thinking the movie, as a whole, was very "ok", but could think of so many individual aspects that made it extremely entertaining.

Id give it a 8, as a once avid gamer who grew up on the very references this GN and movie are from. It was perfectly true to what it was, so for those who "get it" this is a fun movie. I was more than happy to have paid for the ticket. It was witty and funny toward its demographic. I felt it stayed "true" to its following.
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