'No Reservations'

Quick quiz question: how many bad cooking puns can a team of enterprising Hollywood trailer-makers squeeze into a two-and-a-half-minute spot? Many. Many, many bad puns. It’s enough to make a girl want to stick her head in an oven.

Indeed, the trailer for the upcoming Catherine Zeta-Jones romantic comedy No Reservations (opening July 27) is a total flameout. Its treacly plot (wise tot Abigail Breslin comes to live with her Hard-Edged Career Woman of an Aunt, who, through parenthood, loosens up and falls in love with dishy sous-chef Aaron Eckhart) is a remake of the 2001 German flick Mostly Martha. That’s all dandy ’til the end of the trailer, which features the groan-inducers: “I wish there was a cookbook for life” and “It’s the recipes you create yourselves that are the best.” Even the release date gets in on the punny action, with “Something’s cooking… this summer.”

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