i really wanted to sign up for it to get the unlimited movies for a month for 17 bucks. Then I read the way it works and of course, it does not work for Macs. WTF!
they have a program where you can ‘stream’ them.

So instead of getting a dvd.. you just go to the site..or whatever and watch it..’re missing out on compressed, low resolution movies.

OP: I have a mac and netflix and I just use fusion with XP if I want to watch some random ass thing on their streamed library when I get bored. It’s not the end of the world. To be honest you aren’t going to be seeing like new releases on there, those you will still have to go in the mail either in dvd or bd form.

The internet thing is a nice gimmick though and the TV series on there look a lot IMO like 480p so quality isn’t too bad all things considered. Few movies I’ve seen on there aren’t bad either.

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