need help picking movie

hey guys
i have to pick a movie to write a paper on for a class
it had to have come out within the last year or so, like 2005-2006
im having a hard time picking one b/c i need a good movie thats like meaningful so i can write a good paper on it about the acting, symbolism, meaning, all that stuff

any suggestions?
Syriana, V for Vendetta, Chronicles of Narnia are a couple off the top of my head that had some symbolism.
The Squid and the Whale would be awesome. If you don’t like that, just check out teh oscar list:

I was going to suggest "Crash".
Or Brokeback Mountain, is it is revolutionary as people claim?
Maybe I go to to many arthouse flicks, but I didn’t find it very groundbreaking at all.
what about jarhead, you could get all political with that one…
Do Serenity, and then parallel it with the American Civil War.
Batman Begins ( 2005 ). I saw it last year. I rember that it was about fear and overcoming fear.
And it is a good movie with a good story.

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