Mr. & Mrs. Smith

I have a paper to write by midnight tonight , a review for this movie. I have seen it and I like it. I thought it was an easy mix of action and romance, however I would like to get others opinions?? Please help!
I loved the tributes to other movies in it. The fight Club t-shirt on their intended hostage & the recreation of the butch Cassidy & sundance kid ending.

It was also a good parody of middle class suburbia.
crap movie
crap script
crap crap crap
put in 1 of the hottest chicks in world

put in 1 of the hottest guys in world
sell bunch of DVD’s regardless of everything else being crap
bar none one of the worst moves made in the past year.
I have gotten such mixed reviews on this movie. Either people hate it or love it but I am going to have to check it out for myself.
I liked it, I thought it was an interesting mix of action and romance. But I thought they should have stuck to one of the two genres, you know? The action scenes got painful and boring twoards the end, and it was a little boring in the drawn out romance to begin with. But I like the story/ the mix. and I don’t think they could have chosen better actors.

It sure looked to me that Angelina was already into Brad when the movie was being made.
shitty movies. they’re lucky they chose hot actors because everything else sucked.

No substance, shitty acting, bad lines, stupid fight scenes

I’m gonna rent it, but I think it looks like rubbish.
it was ok in the theatre, but watching it again on dvd it is fucking terrible. completely pissed on an absolutely great t.v. series with this piece of shit. they should have used scott bakula and maria bello and with the money they saved in casting hired a writer instead of a monkey to pound the random keys that eventually got translated into this movie

I don’t think it was related to the series at all. But then again, I never watched the series.
I think the important thing is you can never, NEVER go wrong casting Scott Bakula.

other than the fact that the entire movie is exactly like the series?

mr. and mrs. smith
the shed scene was a little over the top. wicked movie none-the-less.
i heard it was supposed to be the sequal to true lies with arnold, but since they couldnt get him they modified the script into that awful movie.
one of the few "popcorn flicks" i really liked.
I liked it, the fight scenes with happy music were my favorite.
I am just not a big fan of Angelina…I don’t think she is a very good actress. She was cool in Gia but I think that is because she is LOCO like Gia (i guess for that same reason she was OK in Girl Interrupted).
I really liked the movie..okay maybe a bit too long but still good!
As a mindless action flick it is actually passable.

As long as you don’t expect to find creative dialogue and an interesting plot… or I guess if you don’t expect anything out of it, then it’s fun.

Otherwise, yeah, it’s crap.
It was entertaining. I don’t get it when people go to a movie like this and expect to see something epic. We all know it’s not directed by the next Goddar or Truffaut, yet people always seem to get so invested.

It was an entertaining movie that took me away from the stresses of real life for a good hour and a half.

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