Memoirs of a Geisha: The Movie

Is anyone else as excited as me for this one to come out? The book was so beautiful, I can’t wait to actually see the costumes and the scenery. December is too far away!
A lot of times, I’m dissappointed of movies that are based off of books that I’ve read because they change so many things.

Rob Marshall is directing. I doubt it will be disappointing.

I think the only thing that’s strange is they cast chinese women for the female parts. I read on a website that they did it because Americans know who they are and we’ll buy more tickets because of it.
i just saw the trailer the other day. looks pretty good IMO.
Sorry if I’m wrong but isn’t a Geisha a Japanese thing?

Yes, it is.
I’m really excited for the movie. True it is often not as good, but I still really like reading the book first and then watching it to see it come to life. I’m rarely *dissapointed* by what I see. I often re-read the book afterwards. Memoirs was SO good!

I agree. Even if the movie isn’t as good I really enjoy seeing the characters come to life!
saw the trailer for this a month or so ago…looks stunning!!

Damn…I need to watch more cable TV.

Looks beautiful and I love

Yeah, I finally saw the preview a couple days ago. I decided to look at it online instead of waiting for the TV. Looks really amazing. I’m even more excited now!
movie about a geisha played by a girl from china? huh? anybody else see something wrong with that? why not just get a japanese actress to do it? that’s as dumb as "The last nigga on Earth, starring Tom Hanks"

I understand why they did it, but whatever. American people play british people all the time and vice versa. I think the movie is going to be amazing.

americans shouldn’t play british people. british people shouldn’t play australians. australians shouldn’t play irish. irish shouldn’t act.

Why not? I think that’s kind of stupid.

i think you’re kind of stupid. fake accents are the lose.

Not if you do it right. You’re crazy!

well i didn’t cut off your ear for nothing!
I can’t wait to see the movie. I just saw the preview for it at the theater right before I watched Flight Plan.

That is my big problem with the movie. I would prefer unknown Japanese woman compared to casting Chinese women. It seems as racist as having white males playing Charlie Chan.

Cite: Bridget Jones.
So…has anyone gone to see it yet? I’m going Friday! I’m so excited.
I saw it on Friday. I thought it was really good. They made it come to life very well…seeing everything on the screen was very cool. Still doesn’t compare to how fantastic the book was. They left out a lot of stuff.
finishing the book today, seeing the movie thursday cause i have work tomorrow. can’t wait
great movie… i never read the book… but was very happy w/ the outcome of the movie

I’m also disappointmented with this movies. It’s a little bit different as the book. For me, movie is fine, but there are some differents between actual history and movie.
The tension between the women was played out really well. Gong Li was capping hard on Ziyi about her stinky fingers
it would have been more memorable if she never ended up with the .
i think that a sad outcome is more lifelike and makes a movie deep.

god she looks so hot with the blue contacts.

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