'Lucky You'

Which movie are you going to see on May 4 (when Spider-Man 3 is sold out): The father/son drama Lucky You? The romantic dramedy Lucky You? Or the please-think-it’s-kinda-sorta-like-Ocean’s Eleven Lucky You? Well, it depends on what trailer you’ve seen. (They all star Drew Barymore and Eric Bana, pictured.) I get that movie studios want as many people to see a film as possible — and that movies, at least the best ones, are layered — but when a trailer changes tone this much, isn’t someone’s butt being tricked into that seat? Perhaps it’s not fair to peg this recurring beef on a film that’s been sitting on a shelf for two years (after all, they couldn’t bandwagon Ocean’s Thirteen a year ago). But you can’t really blame Spider-Man 3 for playing up Sand Man in one trailer and then pretending he doesn’t exist.  Spidey’s got himself some enemies, but no matter which one is featured, the genre stays the same. Do I have a point here, or should I fold?

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