Leon – The Professional

Rockin movie, what more can you say?! In my opinion, it ranks among the top movies to own.

first time i ever read someone say this about that movie! yes, a must see!
Very enjoyable, but some of the scenes with Natalie as a sexual predator were very creepy!

It’s one of my favorites, get the full version if you can.
I absolutely love this movie. Jean Reno in this movie reminded me of his character in La Femme Nikita. Gary Oldman was creepy in this. The story was great though and believable.
Fuckin awesome movie…..on my top10 right with ronin and casino

Gary Oldman played awesome in it…..very creepy

Did he not play in fifth element?

Gary Oldman played awesome in it…..very creepy

Did he not play in fifth element?

Yep, and it’s crazy how he played Gordon in Batman Begins. I didn’t even know it was him at first.
Doesn’t the character in La Femme Nikita equate to Leon? I could have sworn he did, it never said or showed that he died in Nikita. He did get shot all to hell, but then again, in the Professional he left France didn’t he?

Gotta watch it again to remember!

Damn he’s good. I just checked out his IMDB and he did a lot of parts I didn’t know here him.

Ha yeah… Casino is fucking great! Very disturbing at times… especially when they beat these guys up with baseball bats… *shudders*

God, I love this movie.


Thanks for reminding me I’ll have to get hold of a copy been absolute ages since I’ve seen that –
Just watched it the other night for the hell of it. Love it, especially the very beginning where he comes from the shadow and scares the bejeeezus outta the fat dood.
I love this movie, one of my absolute favorites, just everything about it.
I hope they have a sequel with Portman all grown up.
I love when her family is getting killed & she knocks on his door, he doens’t answer but finally he opens the door & you see the light reflecting on Matilda’s face.
Pretty good movie. watched for the first time. Kinda messed up to think of the little girl having all those thoughts. but still, a good movie.
Just bought the Deluxe Edition, and other goodies:

Leon FTW!
cant buy this movie in australia on dvd, mother fuckers think i need to import it
Luc Besson tends to make really fucking good movies

I enjoyed Burough 13
after reading this thread i dled this movie and all i have to say is ! this movie is definitely up there in my top favs, the ending was a bit sad though, i dislike how the morals just b/c leon is an assasin that he couldn’t actually get away w/ Mathilda. i know theres like mad "morally wrong" things with that picture but i wish it ended like that, cuz its way sad that leon died

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