kung fu panda

just got back form the preview…and it was really a lot better than i thought…really entertaining throughout….

not the best movie ever…but good for one of the kid movies…
It was entertaining as hell.

Much better than I had expected.

I really liked what I saw of it… Took my 2 year old who had a absolute meltdown during the final fight…. ugh Didnt see how they wrapped it up.
I took the kid to watch it. I liked the movie, it was pretty entertaining. The kid liked it, too. Though the kung-fu kinda got him all wired up. He was trying to judo chop me all day.

Only OK in my opinion. I actually preferred Forgotten Kingdom.
I thought it was great. My only complaint is the final fight was not as epic as it should have been.
I thought it was decent given the expectations I had for it based on the voice actors.
I enjoyed the hell out of this movie. Like someone else said the only drawback appears to be that my 3 yr old boy kept Kung Fu punching me for the rest of the day. haha
I really didn’t have high expectations for this movie but was very surprised by what i ended up seeing and thouroghly enjoyed it.
the animation was amazing. I loved the animation of the opening scene the best.

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