Just prescreened Zohan, my thoughts

I just got home from a free prescreening of You Don’t Mess With The Zohan. It’s pretty much what you’re expecting, but a bit funnier. As an Adam Sandler movie, it relies on ridiculous humor, but he manages to pull it off pretty well. The movie actually has a bunch of funny party that weren’t in the previews, to my surprise. It kept the whole theater laughing almost non-stop.

Bottom line: don’t expect a deep plot. Expect ridiculousness and a lot of “wtf?” moments. Don’t expect cultured, witty humor – only the light and outrageous. The one problem with this movie is that it uses comedy by repetition, and keeps restating the same jokes over and over. It works to a point, but Sandler does it about 20 minutes longer than he should, so that by the very end it’s no longer funny. The previous entirety of the movie, however, the entire theater and I were rofling.

I’d give it 3.5/5. It’d get 4 if not for those last twenty minutes where the jokes finally stale. See it at a cheap theater, not an expensive one.
im glad you said this i was debating on whether i wanted to go to the preview or not….
Hmmm sounds like he is getting back to his roots then… ill have to check this out.
i’ll prolly wait until it comes out on dvd and rent it.
id love to live near you. $8.50 matinees here
Really? I know two places that do $5 tuesdays
this place in town used to do $5 mondays, dont know if thats still the case
AMC here in KC has $5 anytime Mon-Thurs which is nice

I think I will wait for DVD for this one though. It looks okay but there are other things I would rather see in the theater.
Either advertising sucks or you have a really easily entertained personality. Zohan and Love Guru are two of the shittiest looking movies I have ever seen in previews and I rage so damn hard when they’re both previewed before a movie.
I have been accused of being easily entertained, lol. That is a possibility, which is part of the reason I recommend seeing it in a bargain theater.
i just saw zohan and thought it was pretty damn funny. maybe this is because I really like sandler movies in general
I thought it was wholly mediocre, but then again low-brow humor really isn’t my thing.
It was funnier than I expected, but did anyone else think Mariah Carey looked bad in this flick? It was almost like the director was trying to make her look ugly.
Saw Zohan last weekend. I thought it was pretty funny.. maybe a bit overkill with the crotch jokes, but I enjoyed it. His love interest in the movie is hot too. I was surprised at the amount of kids in the theatre with their parents.. didn’t think they should have been allowed in..

As for Mariah, what a shamless plug for her new album. I guess she didn’t look that great because there wasn’t enough of a budget to airbrush her scenes in the movie!
when was adam sandler ever funny?

it’s the same shit in all his movies
Thanks for the heads up. Have enough deep thinking in my life so I could use a little shallowness.

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