'Iron Man'

iron_man.jpg The geeks grokked out at Comic-Con when they saw this trailer (now finally up at Apple), and it’s easy to understand why. Sure, there’s the pleasure of seeing Robert Downey Jr. (pictured) playing a character tailored to his talents: glib arms merchant Tony Stark, who discovers his inner superhero more out of feelings of guilt and payback than honor and idealism. And sure, it’s cool to see surprisingly lyrical and graceful shots of Iron Man flying alongside warplanes; taking advantage of the hero’s retro design, director Jon Favreau evokes the sense of childlike fun of another comic-book hero movie, the underrated Rocketeer. And sure, it’s also nice to see a couple glimpses of Terrence Howard and Gwyneth Paltrow. But mostly, you’ll enjoy this clip (and feel your higher brain functions shutting down, to be replaced by more atavistic impulses) during the shots where Iron Man is kicking ass and blowing stuff up real good, all to the inevitable crunch of Black Sabbath’s classic track. Movie doesn’t open for another eight months, but I’m getting in line now.

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