I just saw Super for the first time


It’s sort of like Kick-Ass or Defendor in so far as it is about some average joe trying to be a super hero.

I was really surprised at how much I liked it. I found it to be both darker and have more heart than either of the aforementioned movies. And while the Hit-Girl character in Kick-Ass had the bad ass fighting skills, I felt that Ellen Page’s Boltie in Super was a far better character.

Better movie than kick-ass or defendor. Super is the most perfect ‘average joe superhero’ movie.

I really enjoyed Kick-Ass, but have never seen Defendor or Super. I’m really sick of all the Hollywood super hero movies, I’m basically burnt out on the whole idea of it, so much so that I refused to watch Thor, Captain America, The Avengers, Iron Man 2, X-Men First Class, both Hulk films, Superman Returns, and a crapload of other super hero movies over the years. But I’ll definitely give the parody films and comedies a shot, especially after enjoying Kick-Ass so much.

The only super hero film that I am actually looking forward to is Chris Nolan’s next Batman movie, which shouldn’t require any explanation considering how amazing The Dark Knight was.

Broseph… seriously… WATCH SUPER. It’s not what you think at all. Super and Griff The Invisible are two AMAZING movies that nobody has seen because they fell into the shadow of much better marketed flicks. They’re dark (and I mean really fucking dark) movies. Not your average Hollywood shitstorm.

Also, some really fucking rare shit just happened. I agreed with fuckface about something.

I’m also high as fuck so that might have something to do with it.

I’ve heard of this movie with Michael Rapaport called Special that is in a similar genre as Super. Anyone seen that?

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