I can’t believe Hostel II is being made

As if the first one wasn’t bad enough. I only watched the first one because of QT’s exaggerated claims that it was going to be the goriest movie ever. It failed at even that. If it wasn’t for the tits it might have been the first movie I ever walked out on.
Something we agree on. I still can’t believe QT had anything to do with such a dumb movie >.>
It will probably suck big time, but I’ll still go see it to see if the gore scenes are any good.
i seriously dont get how people said that the first one set the standards for gore nowadays…..sure there were some ok gorey parts but seriously….they by no means set any standards…..im just assuming that roth is remaking the first one since the first one sucked it up so much

People said that????

People called it "Torture Porn" along with Saw, which I think is hilarious

I personally have never had any interest in any movie that used gore as a facet of entertainment. Violence is one thing, gore is another, and it’s really not entertaining, to me at least.

It’s probably all the exposure to internet gore tbh, I’ve had whatever fill I would have wanted and it’s just tired.

People said that????

People called it "Torture Porn" along with Saw, which I think is hilarious

yeah at least thats what ive heard….just friends talking and all….after seeing it i just laughed at them…….i have also heard it being called torture porn though…although i still dont think that hostel has set any standards for anything like that either
I thought Hostel was one of the best horror movies made in a long time. I will probably check this out when it comes out on DVD.
hostel was awesome, you get a half porn/half gore for the price of one.
hostel was shit. it was gory enough to keep me watching but everything about that movie was worthless. no interest at all in a sequel, wouldn’t watch if it was free
Hostel was totally one of the best American made horror movies in years! What could you possibly compare it to? Scream? The Cave? Face it the US sucks when it comes to making edgy shit these days. This movie was great. If this movie was Japanese you fags would be gushing all over it. Prove me wrong, you can’t.

You’re an idiot. Prove me wrong, you can’t.

Hostel is what is wrong with Horror movies these days, and if the Japanese made it, they would had made it wayyyyy better, and way more gorier
Japanese films have long set the standards for gore way before hostel. And even if it was better than the previous American horror flicks from the few years before it, that’s not saying much.

I watched it yesterday, pretty weak.

Agreed. I’ll take some Tsukamoto Shinya or Miike Takashi any day before I’ll take some Eli Roth. Although, the "Thanksgiving" trailer in the movie Grindhouse was entertaining.

Same here.

you REALLY can’t believe it?
A co-worker has already seen Hostel II, (pirates?) she thinks it was much worse than the original.
I think since we already know how things happen ( as we learned in the first one) the second will simply rely on gore and shock factor. IMO that NEVER works out.
86% on Rotten Tomatoes!
I may have to go see it after all.
I want to say the high rating is only the fanboys, but even the critics seem to like it.

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