Hunger Games

Is a great adaptation of the novel. Gritty, pretty gory for a PG flick. Lots of action and very well cast. I did not really like Woody Harrelson as Haymitch but overall the movie was great.

I thought Sutherland would be better as Haymitch. I always pictured an OLD grumpy guy

When I read the book I honestly pictured that booking photo of Nick Nolte in that Hawaiian shirt and hair all over the place, but even Sutherland would have been better.

I wasn’t expecting Woody to play Haymitch, not bad, but I was expecting more of a Otis Campbell town drunk.
I thought they did a good job with the film adaptation.

Seeing this tomorrow. Expecting it to be good from everyone’s reviews

Never read the book(s); thought this movie was way too boring and way too long.

I liked it…some of it was kinda cartoony…the actual games were cool.

Read the books in 3 days, but wasnt a huge fan. I liked the concept of the book, but thought the riding and delivery fell short (which is understandable since its written for young teens).

Thought the movie was WAY worse, due to the fact they ripped out any soul the books had, eliminating the concept I enjoyed from them. Again, understandable since it was pushed at ADD 11-yr old girls.

No character development with Katniss and Peta (no train scenarios, no "sleeping next to someone for the sake of sleeping with someone" (so you didnt experience any of the actual pain Peta was putting up with during the games. Seemed like just a silly boyhood crush, no actual feeling)

No background on Haymitch (sp) and wasnt as drunk or disorderly as he should have been

No development of her mom being lost, or that she was really the parental figure (making her chosing that much harder to swallow).

I personally didnt feel they did a very good job showing or making you feel the disconnect between the districts and the capitol, so the point of the games was little more than the text given to me at the beginning.

The dogs were poorly done vs. the books version of them (even tho the book didnt focus on them nearly enough, either).

As a result, I didnt really care if they lived or died. And I didnt feel the capitol was really all that bad or something I was compelled to root against.

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