how did Juno win Best Original Screenplay and not Michael Clayton?

Michael Clayton was such a great story with quality writing and dialogue.

Juno was a movie full of mediocre teenage target audience puns
People actually went to see Juno. Voters didn’t see Clayton.

The screenplay was the weakness of that flick =/

Ellen page completely saved it.
because ellen page is so AWWWWWWWWWWHHHHHHH.

but micheal clayton was definitely better than Juno.
i agree, i enjoyed clayton and i unlike most didn’t think much of juno so i was a bit dissapointed (but not surprised) when juno won
How was Michael Clayton original? That movie has been done 100 times before. It was just like every other lawyer movie ever made. It was dry, boring, and far from unique.

Juno was very unique, witty, comically charming, and much more.

The screenplay was the weakness of that flick =/

Ellen page completely saved it.

I saw Juno before any hype and went in with no expecations–and I didn’t think much of it. There were some great moments, and some sharp dialogue, but it felt like a thirty yeard old stuffing words into teenager’s mouths. I thought all the actors were great, but it felt very stiff and forced to have a kid referencing 70’s music that she wouldn’t know a damn thing about. Michael Cera saved it for me, even though he played Michael Cera. But I will say that at least the screenplay took a few more risks that Clayton–I agree that the movie felt standard, unoriginal. It wasn’t awful, but there was nothing fresh about it.

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