Hostel II

just got back from seeing Hostel II and its definately better than the first one. It has Vera Jordanova, who is drop dead gorgeous. It has a little bit of a hint of Lesbianism which is always good. Towards the end, it has its moments which make you laugh. The ending is very good. Matter of fact, so is the beginning. Good Movie.

Does the follow the same plot of the first one?

…titties and blood?
Yea It basically picks up where the last one left us. It has the remaining character returning from the last one.

And it has titties and blood….One scene is really gory…And It involves two girls. It was a little hot in a weird way.

Only part I didn’t like was that they showed some nekkid guy for far too long but didn’t show a really hot girl for long at all.
it didn’t have the same plot of porno (1st half) and gore (2nd half) but it was still way good

Thankfully I’m not the only sicko who thought that.

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