Help name the movie? v.Almost impossible as i barely remember it myself.

Just gonna put this here in case by some slim chance someone here as seen this movie before. I was pretty stoned and it was years ago so ill just put down whatever I can remember.

– Watched in the late 90s on SBS.

– Animated (as in cartoon, not 3D)

– I remember it had this lengthy section about a heap of people heading off into space all nice and advanced. Then after hundreds of years they kinda de-evolves and the place turns to shit with plants and stuff everywhere. Kinda like an extreme version of Wall-Es theme I guess. I think the final ‘twist’ is they end up on a planet which eventually turns out to be earth etc…

– The scene i remember most, was on the ship 1 guy in his little cabin, and it kinda time-lapsed to show him getting old, dying, more generations growing and dying, kinda showing a shitload of time passing and their humanity degrading

– Fuck, the more i think about it, the more i get confused with Wall-E now.

– It was fairly a heavy movie, not a kiddy one. Although, that impression may have been drug induced.

Anyway. Like i said, im not holding out much hope, just thought I’d dump it here in case it rings a bell with anyone.

Fuck me sideways!! I found it!!

Go To Hell (1997) and it’s Aussie as well

I came to say Starchaser: The Legend of Orion

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