good spy movie?

has there ever been a good spy movie? i mean at least as good as "Pirates of the caribbean"

I think he meant that he wants to watch a spy movie that is good compared to Pirates of Carribean as a movie in general.

Spy Game was pretty good.

I was going to list masterpieces like the above but will stick to a just an average movie. It’s not as good as Spy Kids but North By Northwest.

I was just kidding about Spy Kids, but is it good? It looked …. dumb…dumb like a moose.
I always enjoyed the classic "Charade"

Can you consider the Bourne Identity and Supremacy kinda a spy movie. If you do then those rock.
If you’re looking for comedy, then I suggest Bill Murray’s "The Man Who Knew Too Little."

Otherwise, you can’t beat Bond. The Bourne Identity is great as well.
every leslie nielson movie sucks except first naked gun and airplane. he has a career of making fun of other movies ‘ala scary movie.
If a spy movie is defined as one that has spies in it than the list grows large.
Two of my favorites:
Three Days of the Condor
North by Northwest easily. Hitchcock, Cary Grant and Eva Marie Saint….Not only a great spy movie but one of the best movies of any genre ever.
Good call on North by Northwest. I’d also add The Saint.

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