Get Smart was hilarious

Too many good laughs to even begin.

Everybody in the screening was cracking up the whole time.

The movie fucking rocked, and was WAY better than I expected

Bill Murray > *

he has an epic cameo.

Bill Murray? In a comedy? I didn’t think he did those anymore.

his last few movies have been Wes Anderson films.. Darjeeling Limited, Life Aquatic..

Understand though, that it’s only a 5 minute cameo at best
It looks like one of the worst movies ever made. But, maybe it will surprise me. I thought the previews looked terrible.

My expectations from the trailers were very low. I expected cheesey goofball comedy, and it was surprisingly witty, and jsut fucking hilarious.

Definitely worth a watch at least. I promise you’ll at least laugh a handful of times
I just got back from it and I liked it a lot. The rest of the crowd seemed to dig it as well. Lots of great cameos, lots of good laughs. Really deserves a higher rating on Rotten Tomatoes for sure. Ann Hathaway in that dress and wig made me tingly. It honored the source material but wasn’t a slave to it.
i can’t wait to get back to the states, i really wanna see this! Iused to watch the reruns of this show when i was growing up
Maybe I’ll go see it now. I wasn’t too high on it based on the commercials, but after the positive reviews here, maybe I’ll try it. I love Anne Hathaway anyway.
Saw it today, it was great. Will probably buy when it comes out on DVD. Didn’t start out super funny, but got better. Surprisingly good action movie for a comedy.

Anne was pretty damn sexy…the laser grid scene was great, both for her and Steve C.

Did anyone else know that Mel Brooks had some hand in this movie? Credits came up, and someone said “Mel Brooks? Oh, that’s why it was so good!”
I believe he was one of the geniuses who created the TV show, so I’d hope he was in the credits. I don’t know what sort of role he had with the film though.

I’ll definitely rent this, maybe even buy it for my dad for his birthday or Christmas.
It didn’t provide as many laughs the second time around, but I still loved this movie.

I’ll stand by that once Bill Murray showed up the movie got much better.

It didn’t provide as many laughs the second time around, but I still loved this movie.

I’ll stand by that once Bill Murray showed up the movie got much better.

Bill Murray is the man. I love Wes Anderson movies as well. Steve Correl (sp) and Bill? Brilliant.
oh, no, i get it. who wants to talk to a guy in a tree, right?

LOL @ Steve Carell kissing The Rock

LOL @ “dusty uterus”
My bf went and saw this without me today. I am not pleased
“would you believe… chuck norris with a bb gun?”

good movie

get smart >>>>>>>>> love guru nonsense

good movie

get smart >>>>>>>>> love guru nonsense

I laughed my ass off watching Get Smart.
Classic movie – How could you go wrong having Mel Brooks as a character supervisor in this movie.
Can’t wait to buy the dvd or blu-ray of it.
Ooh, other parts I just remembered…

The bead curtains and later “I set that up”

“You seem to have underestimated the element of SURPRISE—”
Trying to convince my parents they should go with me to see this tonight…the commercials are making me want to see it again.

Plus, it has a lot of married couple moments, I think they would like it

shit was entertaining.. kinda wish the rock wasnt a bad guy but whatever
stupid movie.. thought it was really cheezy. I get 3x more laughs watching steve carrell on “the office” than in this whole movie.

It’s supposed to be cheesy
I loved the movie.
I agree. It was so funny from the start and Steve Carrell’s acting wasn’t over the top and Anne Hathaway was gorgeous.
This movie was terrible.

Don’t see it.
I finally got to the theater to see this and thought it was hilarious.
Entertaining but I don’t think it really caught the spirit of the old series.
And…saw it for the 3rd time today. Saw it with my stepdad, he thought it was pretty good.

Not as fun to watch in a smaller room with less people, but still funny for 3rd viewing. Definitely gonna get the DVD.

that’s because The Office is just fucking fantastic, ya douchenozzle.
it was actually pretty funny
was almost positive it was going to suck so much

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