Game Change

I just saw it, good movie, although it seemed quite sensationalized. Sarah Palin was painted as a crazy person and a control freak who not only didn’t know the first thing about national and international politics, but literally only cared about herself and how much attention she could get. John McCain was painted in a positive light, however, although he used more swear words than any other character in the movie which earned him a few negative points.

Although the movie did feel very sensationalized, Steve Schmidt, who was portrayed by Woody Harrelson in the movie, did state that it was very accurate.

nah i’m kiddin. it actually looks interesting.

I didn’t want the text to be so dwarfed by the pics, so I made it bigger.

i do like julianne moore. she’s been pretty good in everything other movie i can remember seeing her in.

was a pretty good movie…Julianne moore did a good job as did woody.

I read that as Julianne Moore gave me a woody.

boogie nights ftw!

It’s amazing that Julianne Moore is four years older than Sarah Palin but still looks so much better than her in this movie.

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