Fun W/ Dick & Jane

Fun movie, best when Jim Carrey is out of control.

My favorite part is when Migra thinks he is an illegal and he has to sneak back across the border.

I give it a "B".
grade: B. my expectation was low. it was actually pretty funny. best part for me is when their kid starts yelling "mi television. telemundo!" when jim carrey takes the tv away.
It was not bad. I liked the part when him and jane were dressed in black and robbing that one guy and jim carey goes fucking crazy on the guy. mr roboto dance etc…

haha yeah that was funny
"I’m an American! Here — just call my wife! Call my wife! —- ring ring — Ola?"

i really wanted to like this movie .. but it was just bad .. his movies have been getting worse …

Certainly wasn’t his best movie, but it did have its moments. Good but not great imo.
Movie was alright. My expectations were a little higher than what I got. There were a lot of funny parts, like him getting the "yard" back and the son being "Spanish".
I thought the credits were great, naming all the companies like Dick’s ex-company.
Pretty decent. All these films with messages lately… not that that’s a bad thing!
should PE and I go see this in the theatre to kill time, or should we just wait for the DVD?
I am going to disagree with every one and say this was one of jim carrey’s bottom movies….Carrey has his ups and his downs..this movie is a down… Predictable, not funny
I don’t think I laughed once throughout this movie. Dissapointing coming from Carrey.
Meh, B+ but partly because I’m a huge fan of his work, and basically, just looking at him makes me laugh. There were definately some funny parts, and then again, the story was lame and unsophisticated (not that you’d expect it to be in a comedy).

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